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Friday, March 2, 2012



Soniya was a tough girl ,a typical Punjabi girl , fresh out of farms of Punjab into this magical , ever so romantic place called Infosys Mysore .

It was January when she joined Infosys through an on campus which happened her college. She was so happy to get a job in her Dream company .Soniya was all alone here. Soniya singh was the eldest of the three siblings , her two younger brothers were handling her dad’s business at Kapurthala , Punjab . She never got any love from her family as being a girl she was always treated as someone who was a burden on the family , Her dad did not even talk to her once after she came here. Her mother died in after giving birth to the youngest child. She considered her DAD to be the murderer of her mother as it was known and her mother cannot have another surgerian still his father went for the operation just for the sake of getting another baby boy. Soniya singh was brought up like a burden and was always treated as an unwanted member of the family. Her two younger brothers were in all kinds of bad habits due to the extra love which their father used to gave them just because they were guys. Getting admission into engineering college was not as difficult as was to impress her dad to let her study .She got into Infosys and told her dad about it obviously her dad was not interested in her joining Infosys but after so much pressure from the neighbors and relatives he allowed her to join but told her that she will be getting married soon and if she does anything wrong or even look at any other guy he will kill her.
She was loving Mysore as it was the first time she was out of the small town and was into this amazing world of Infosys. She was staying alone in her hostel 12 just opposite to the FC .One fine day she enters into her room , it were like 5:30 in the evening and she could see only one girl on her bed. She quietly comes in and the other girl started.
“hey sexy I am Pooja “..”just joined today was not well so could not join on Monday “…”what about you”…..”I m Soniya from Punjab” she replied ….”oho ..Punjabi Kudi …..”……and that was it the new room mate . They talked a lot that night Soniya wanted to know so much about her and Pooja was all very bubbly and exited to talk to this sweet , little innocent girl.
Now after few days Pooja and Soniya were like buddies and they shared almost all the time together only. Pooja on the one hand was a very modern girl passed out from Delhi university where as Soniya was a tough girl , emotionally strong but a kid at heart .Pooja used to smoke and drink a lot but never asked or allowed Soniya to do that .Pooja’s boyfriend Rajiv used to work at Wipro Mysore they used to get together on every weekends and party a lot .They even used to stay at Rajiv’s Flat whenever they got late. Soniya found it very nice and enjoyed their company a lot as she was never put of the small town and was very happy to enjoy the freedom without any fear of her dad and brothers. Soniya had a secret crush on Rajiv’s roommate Saurabh. One fine weekend they all planned to watch IPL at Rajiv’s room with some drinks and food. As the time passed by Pooja got so drunk that night that they decided to stay at Rajiv’s place only. Pooja and Soniya went to the bedroom to sleep whereas Rajiv was still watching the match. Soniya was not getting so much of sleep so she came out and started chatting with Rajiv .Rajiv insisted Soniya to drink but she did not .Rajiv mischievously mixed her soft drinks with the hard ones and made her drink that .Soniya got drunk and that was when Rajiv and Soniya slept together. Pooja was very upset with Rajiv when she came to know about it in the morning and was now not in talking terms with Rajiv but still was very close to Soniya. Soniya was shocked and remained so for almost 3 weeks .It was a Saturday when the Stream compri result was expected to come .Pooja and Soniya passed the compri and Pooja wanted to tell the result to Soniya but she was nowhere, As she went into the room she could see Soniya vomiting in the washroom .It was Sunday when both of them decided to go to Apollo Hospital in the city .Pooja called up Saurabh and they three went to see the doctor. It was dreadful and hearth wrecking to know that Soniya was pregnant was in to her 2nd Month.

She was crying and was remembering his father’s words and was terribly shivering.“Come on Soniya wake up….need to attend the class at 9 , its already 8 come on ………”..Pooja shouted after throwing the pillow at Soniya…………..”She suddenly woke up and realized that it was all a dreadful dream and it was only her 1st week at Mysore. Soniya was taking deep breaths and was sweating even in the AC room when she asked “Pooja do you drink “???!!!!

PS: All characters and incidents mentioned here are imaginary and any resemblance to it is a pure coincidence.
Just an attempt to write a short story , would love your precious comments.


  1. Hehehe while reading the story in simple words and expressions, I really thought that it was an incident of your life. A lil bit polishing required at few places, however there was a flow. Good attempt!

    1. @shilpi
      Thanks a lot for the compliments as well as the suggestions