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Monday, March 5, 2012

Punjabification Of Movies

Punjabification Of Movies
Well it looks like Bollywood hates to be hated for more than one reason , The point I am going to mention is “PUNJABIFICATION” of movies.

Everybody seems to have a say in what’s okay to go in a movie, Now let me tell what I think of the current Movies scenario.

Well it looks like Bollywood hates to be hated for more than one reason , The point I am going to mention is “PUNJABIFICATION” of movies. I am O.K with films on religious, cast-eist, regional, historical or whatever other ground they can find , unless and until they are very good , thought provoking , But it comes to PUNJABIFICATION of movies I must tell you that I am not liking it.

Every now and then filmmakers bow down in apology whenever there are protests against something or the other but I want to say that it has really degraded the level of movies today.It was objections by Sikh bodies that made Vipul Shah reshoot portions of Singh Is Kinng, with the ‘guidance’ of Sikh leaders, and Akki had to prostrate himself at the Rakabganj Gurudwara in Delhi to ask for forgiveness for the sin of making the film. Jo Bole So Nihaal ignored such ‘objections’ and got a few bomb blasts for it. Love Aaj Kal too was quietly and submissively screened for them.

Clearly, Bollywood is suffering from a case of sense and sensitivity. The article from where these facts are picked up from are from Times of India which talks about role of censor board But here I talk about over Punjabification which is completely different .Well excess of everything is bad and in this case I just hate it.You look at every other item song from every alternate new release it has some Punjabi lyrics added to it , Producers do it because it sells , Mind you I have no problems with that , I have a problem what that is shown , The Punjabi culture is shown either in a very funny way or in a very orthodox way , which is not the case.

Now let’s talk about dil bole hadippa

--------------SNIP From Times of India---------------------ïƒ
Dil Bole Hadippa

The Sikh community is protesting against –
1) The use of the Sikh small turban,
2) Rani’s character being portrayed as ‘strong but foolish’,
3) Promos depicting it as a tale of ‘turbans, twists and tricks.’

Excerpts from the letter of protest say, As if male actors were not enough to mock the Sikhs, you now have a female actor to tar the Sikh image. Scenes and sequences from the movie are highly offensive. For Bollywood, with respect to Sikhs, freedom of expression has been license to poke fun at their attire, their intellect, their language and their community.’

--------------------------------SNIP END ---------------------ïƒ

The freedom of expression has been license to poke fun at their attire, their intellect, their language and their community and I agree to it .What the hell is going on .As it’s a big banner film no protest going to make a huge impact and YRF rocks , every one likes it. YRF have always shown Punjab in a good way and there is no one who can raise a voice against his movies.

Now lets talk about Madhur bhandarkar , he is very good at showing the realty , which I just love , even if there is any Punjabi element its in real which I like.Also lets me talk about vishal Bhardwaj , he shows what is entertaining and looks real (even if its not) , Let it be the UP touch in OMKARA or the Bengali underworld in Kaminey , its different and its not meant to be making fun or to poke fun at any community .

But some producers and directors just think that adding a Punjabi touch to the lyrics of a song or making fun of Punjabis’s in movies will work for them it does not , its just that it is degrading the level of movies.But the problem with present day Indian film is a crisis of identity. In an attempt to satisfy viewers in Manhattan and Matunga, in London and in Ludhiana, a synthetic world, which exists only in films, has emerged on our silverscreen.

Latest in this trend being tere naal love ho gaya where in the newly wed couple is doing this shitty movie just to promote their marriage or may be just to promote that they are also actors , I have no problem with that but I have issues with the adultrated Punjabi and haryanvi language used in this movie.This is just a stupid polluted mix of what they call is punjabi , Mind you , you are just screwing yourself !!

Now let me tell you , i'm a proud punjabi and i am very sad about the punjabification of bollywood.The punjabi culture they show on screen is a very polluted mix. The language is polluted with dance (bhangra) is not close to being authentic, and the strip-mining of punjabi folk-songs is outrageous.The dance they show is not BHANGRA , but a remix of Bhangra which is simply BAD(least i could use) for the original form.

PS : I am a Punjabi Myslef
PSS : I also like Yash Raj films.
PSSS : I still have no idea why Sing is Kinng was a hit.
PSSSS : I am no great critic , it's just what I feel.



  1. I completely agree with you. Inability to think and with hope to recover producers money, Directors put in all the possible masala in a movie, hoping at least some of the masala might click with the audience.