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Monday, March 19, 2012

Much Mush Valentine Mush

Shunty :- So , how would you be spending Valentine’s Day .
Miggu :- F*** you , salle dukhdayi insaan , I am single .
Shunty :- But its a dream come true for me , I will be with her .
Miggu :- Can I ask you something , you loser ,are these affections tender, delicate creatures that can be turned on and off at will, on a random date of someone else’s dictation,” ....!
May be the LOVE FEELINGS are some kind of love spraying Dracula’s who only wake up on 14 feb,no really are they mushy things some kind of CRT which we can switch on 14 feb and switch off.
Perhaps these are those FM tuners we used to make in our ECE lab in college , wherein we used to make these tuners only the day before exams and now these tuners are used on 14feb.

Shunty :- you loser , you are saying this because you are single !
Miggu :- May be you are right ,but tell me why I choose this day to show my love even when I might be in worst condition of my life and I might have loose motions and take her(Hypothetical) to a costly restaurant and give her flowers .
Shunty :- Are you drunk a******.
Miggu:-First off, you must remember that I m not the only single person on the planet .Even I feel that I am an atheist on a Diwali but ...
Shunty :- Suc*** , Loser , look at your words you Mister Poet !
Miggu :- Gr r r r r!!! Unless Cupid(is it a flying pig ) strikes me in the heart with his little arrow between now and Sunday, I will be spending the day sobbing into my pillow and trying to figure out a way to kill myself with my toothbrush. (I'm scared of knives.) I wonder how long it would take to brush myself to death? Probably a long time, and I don't think I'm that patient.
Shunty :- Ya do that , that would be something ,crazy , you have gone mad, !
Miggu :- HAn han tu to yahi chahega main mar jau aur tu openly flirt kar sake.
Shunty :- Bhai , daaru piyega!
Miggu :- Teri ****************** , piyakkad laga rakha hia salle mereko !
Shunty :- The secret to all of this is to be happy wherever you're at. There are miserable singles. There are happy singles. There are couples who complete each other and who make each other happy. There are couples who create nothing but chaos and misery together. Wherever you're at in life, learn something from it. Well, maybe if you're in a chaotic and miserable couple, you may want to do something about that.
Miggu :- Sant baba 100X 100X Shunty cholewale dhongi baba ki jai !
Shunty :- Teri ******
Miggu :- waise i am happily single , I can drink , can flirt with as many girls as I want , will sms 100 girls the same sms ,and many will forward the same and reply the same sms which originated in the morning from my cell phone .It will fun.
Shunty :- Uthale bhagwan
Miggu :- Mush , Mush mUsh , mush is in the air .
Shunty :- Yaar what should i gift my Gf this valentine.
Miggu :- The best thing is you can gift me to her , I deserve her !
Miggu :- hello , hello , ...................

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