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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Jamuna Parsad was very happy ,It was his first night , his newly wed wife was looking amazingly cute.Jamuna was thrilled to see that 16 year old beauty waiting for him at the so called bed which was made of bricks with a new bed sheet on  it in a shabby tent-house better then a hut beside the pavement near the main road.She could notice the stares of the neighboring boys through the wholes the tent had. Some of them whistled and passed vulgar remarks.Soon It was night and they all were gone.Jamuna Prasad was only 18 and was a construction worker at Navi Mumbai , He just got married to kajal who was the only daughter of another construction worker at the same site.Kajal Never Imagined he could get so much love from jamuna as he gave her her first set of bangles which she used to imagine in her dreams.But she did not knew that the happiness would not last long.
Just after 3 months of his wedding one day she gets to know that both her hurband and her father got killed in a construction mishap at the site.She was shocked to death and could not speak anything.Her misery did not stop here , she was beaten and tortured everyday by her in laws as they thought she brought the ill fate to their son.She quietly used to bear all their beatings and would do the daily house hold until the day she discovered she was pregnant.”Ma , I am pregnant , said kajal to her mother in law”.”you bloody slut whose baby is that….shouting her mother in law replied”.Her Mother in law was waiting for something like this to happen so she could throw her out of the house and that’s what happened. Her father in law was always too drunk to say anything”.Kajal was helpless , she was alone and most importantly she was pregnant.
She had a few friends mostly those who shared the same footpath where they used to stay.Mostly they were boys whose salutations would include abuses, some of them used to work for the local muscle men and the rest pimps for the prostitutes of the same area.She went to ram bai , her neighbor and told her the whole story , Ram Bai was a widow whose only son was a pimp who used to earn by sending girls from the same slum to the customers. Ram bai gave her shelter but at a condition that she would help her in business of making bouquets from the flowers and would never demand any money. Ram Bai used to sell the bouquets at the near Traffic Signal.
It was August 1985 when Arjun was Born ,Kajal was so happy to see her child who just looked like Jamuna Prasad.She delivered the baby at Ram Bai house only as going to hospital was a costly affair.One day when Kajal was breast feeding arjun , Katiya , Ram Bai’s Son came home early.Though Having biscuit complexion Kajal’s facial features and curves of body always attracted men and Katiya was no different.Katiya could not control himself when he saw kajal’s breast and a glimpse of her luring waiste.Katiya Made sexual advances which Kajal tried to stop.Arjun was crying continuously , kajal shouted but her blouse was torn into pieces Katiya was about to achieve what he wanted and suddenly RamBai came back to the pavement hut and kajal was saved But she knew she had lost her shelter yet again.Literally dead Kajal walked on the road with arjun to nowhere.She slept at the bus stand for two days and begged for money to buy something to eat for arjun.But Destiny had something else in store for her.The third day Arjun Did not wake up in the morning , he did not cried as he used to .Arjun was not well,She rushed to the nearest hospital and it was just like striking a Nail in already wounded Kajal when the doctor said  Arjun had Brain tumor.
The doctors told her to bring certain medicines which they had prescribed. They had told her that the operation would cost about sixty thousand rupees. The medicines and the accommodation in the hospital would be about twenty five thousand. Kajal was shaken and broken ,she was helpless and the destiny of a lovely seventeen year old beautiful lady was too cruel to be described as god’s act. She knew begging won’t help her raise the money she needed. There was no way she could raise the amount of money by selling flowers.Operation was to take place on Sunday. There were five days in her hand. There was no other way but to go to katya, the pimp.
Even after hearing her story katya’s lecherousness remained as strong as it was.”If you sleep with me now , I Can give you 1000 Bucks and not only that I can get you customers and handle the police as well but you will have to give me 30% of whatever you earn” were the words that came out of katya’s mouth ,By now kajal was cold enough to hear anything.she lied as a dead body as katya had intercourse with him.Katya enjoyed her like an animal.He kissed ,licked and sucked every part of her body .By evening he was introduced to so called civilized men of the society by katya.She was rated as the best in the business with in three days and she was earning anything between 1000-10000Rs.
Arjun was 17 now , it was the day when the results were out and he was selected in Paranjape Hospital for a MBBS.He was so happy ,he wanted to share this news with his mother first , As he was on his way back home he saw his mother in heavy makeup in a car with someone.Arjun was waiting for Kajal at home , It was 3 in the morning when she returned.”I saw you mother…””you don’t work at construction site do you “…?.”I did this so that you could live and study “.Arjun slapped his mother.Kajal had nothing to say.
Next morning Kajal’s dead body was found in a well near the slum. Somebody lost a life, somebody lost his mother , somebody lost his business.Arjun is in final year of his graduation.
Wah ri duniya wah
Tere rang hazar
Upper rakhe phool
Niche sukhi mazaar
Bikti hia zindagee
Fir bhi sajte hia bazaar
Wah ri duniya wah
Tere rang hazar.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

wah ri duniya wah tere rang hazaar - My Fav Poem by me

wah ri duniya wah
tere rang hazar

uper rakhe phool
niche sukhi mazar

muh par achaiyan
aur peeth par war

juthi teri batein
jutha tera pyar

nakli teri hasi
nakli tera swang

bikti hai zindagi
firbhi sajte hain bazar

wah ri duniya wah
tere rang hazar             

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Remember

I remember each and every step
I remember the the day we met

I remember each day and night

I remember each and every fight

I remember you were always right

I remember when you said I love you

I remember when I said yeah me too

I remember when you blushed

I remember when i made yoiu smile

I remember you wanted to be a kite

I remember to stop u was not right

I remember the promise u made to me

I remember when you carved our names in that old tree

I remember the promise of being together

I remember our long night calls

I remember our date in the malls

I remember that i made you cry

I remember when I was not honest with you

I remember when I let you go

I remember when I looked into your eyes

I remember when we said our goodbyes

I Know I might not be the perfect lover

But do Remember I loved Only and Only you

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Last Blog At Infosys , My Last Day

Today is My Last Day At Infosy :My Last Blog
I started my journey with Infosys on 14th Jan 2008, and came into this ever so Romantic place called Infosys Mysore. Infosys neither was my dream company nor was the first one. First few days were terrible as I had to share a room with 2 people at the Hotel. But as the days progressed I eventually fell in love with the phenomena from being a normal IT SE to being an Infoscion.I was in love with Infosys.

The training was actually an extension of the college period or may be better than college. At one point of time my CGPA was 2.81 [Hence the name MIG2.81] and even the best of friends had advised to look for another job as it was unimaginable to recover to a CGPA of 4.And then it was time of continuous A grades which helped me to finish my training at a CGPA of 4.61 better than the ones who told me to quit. At this point of time I will have to thank my inspiration to studyRaj Thilak Bhuvaneswaran; Rajan Bajaj and Rajas Joshi , These three were the ones who told me to study and achieve a good CGPA and I could achieve that.I will also like to thank Preenam, Nisha and Ankita Srivastava02 for believing in me and for always being with me. My cute friends Pushpita and Prithika were the sweetest ones. I still remember they were there when I was having a low CGPA and had a bad accident also.Anyways training days were the best ones with generic result out on IPL1 1st day and celebration at Purple Inn with me having 2 pitchers alone. I still remember studying whole night from 12 midnight till 8 am and going to gazebo at 2:50 Am to get LIMCA and whatever was left. Training introduced me to my namesake, my x-room mate, my x-project mate, my x-cub mate and my friend and a great human being RahulHarish_Purswani. All I can say is that I found friends for life time. If I don’t mention the names of my close friends Prabha and Madhu here then they have threatened to kill me ASAP; so doing the honors’.

I was initially posted to Chennai but thankfully swapped to Pune with my close friend Shanmuga Sundaram P. Pune is a Great city , a rocking one at its best, Lots of places to hangout and full of life. I still remember being so sincere when we all first came here. The project started and we all were lost. I would like to thank Infosys first because of which I was able to meet all the wonderful people like you & make so many friends. I even take this opportunity to thank all my seniors for the warmth, guidance and help. All my team members, present and past, for the cooperation and support, my friends for all the fun that I had with them. Sweta Modi, Amol , Rajiv_kumar05 and Mukul are always fun to be with. Special Mention to Pooja for remembering each and every birthday and making everyone feel special.All the trips and tours at Pune were even bigger and better than the ones we had at Mysore time , Literally covering every near bye place of pune and even the far aways.

Now comes the blogging part, 366 blogs,over 11k comments , lots of stories, poems and articles. I am thankful to Blogs for giving me a place to express myself so openly and regularly. I have learnt a lot from blogs, be it the language part or the variety part. Many people have asked me you are so popular on blogs who are my favorite bloggers and “ why I have such a huge female fan following”.Well my favourites are just a few, so here you go boss Priyanka shetty â€“The Talent, the awesomeness expressed with great picturisation of ideas with ease in her writings can be easily found. I admire her.Deepti Bhat– I love her poems and many times iConnect , she can write on anything with ease ,I am a fan actually.Avadutala_b â€“He made sure that Sarcasm was not a lost art,I am a fan deelip_tiwary and JayKumarShar saab for their each and every post. And the latest pheno-menon nikhil_menon01. .I know he joined the blogs late but he is Good.Too Good.Kalicharan & Deepu were the most loved ones.I still remember Deepu’s Interviews.Ajinx,Amit and 2 falle,famine,futte rohit and karan.

It was great to be a part of Cloud9 and MILAN teams , Organizing events and anchoring them was fun ,Finacle Fever Dance will remain a cherish able memory in my heart. MILAN provided a great opportunity to meet our leaders and interact with them. I thank each and every member of Cloud9 and MILAN team for the great enthusiasm they have.

Systemcrashers the cricket club was started 12 months ago which won 2 consecutive tournaments and were placed third in the last tournament of the season.It was great to captain a side full of enthusiasm and great talent, It was a dream run and a time to remember, I thank and each and every member of the team for being systemcrashers.

In my honest opinion the CRR process I guess is a big piece of Shit where in everything else matters but the work but HANG ON that’s not the reason I am leaving Infosys.iRace is one big phenomenon which I was never able to understand and was never able to hate because I knew I will leave Infosys before it could become a big reason.Anyways Buying out the notice period still hurts me. But its all right Finally I am getting out of it.

I would like to thank VSRIDHARS and Ravi_Makhija for giving an excellent start to my professional career here at finacle, Infosys. Buying out the Notice Period Hurts but I would like to appreciate my Managers who stood by company policies and I have to buy out my remaining Notice period of 39 Days. But Finally I am getting out if here. I would also like to thank HRs Anoop and Aparna for being patient with an impatient guy like me.

All in all it was an experience of a life time which had everything. I will be missing all of you for sure. All the Best for your future endeavors and may god bless you.
You all can stay in touch with me at , I use the same id for twitter, orkut , face book and in fact all social networking sites. And yes I will be blogging at . J J , Stay in Touch , This is Rahul Miglani Signing off .

And this Goodbye is not forever, I promise.

PS1: Badnaam Hi Sahi Chalo Naam To Hua.
PS2: Har Din Diwali Bhaiya , Har Din Diwali.
PS3: Nakli Duniya . Nakli Log .
PS4: Wah Ri Duniya Wah ,Tere Rang Hazaar.
PS5: I Love Girls.
PS6: Ah I Wish.
PS7: This Good bye is not for ever.
oh yeah sarcasm is not a lost art , its just a craft!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


After you left 
I was sitting and watching My self in the mirror
I was sad and was looking with some horror
I wanted to put an end to my life 
I was sitting and was holding a knife
I wanted to it to cut my wrist 
But I remembered that there once you kissed
I was thinking what have I done

I wanted to end my life there and then
I was thinking from where it began
It was little misunderstanding which lead to this
And now As i begin to miss
all those beautiful days spent together
we loved each other in every weather
I was thinking what have I done 

I looked at the wrist and the knife
I remembered that you wanted me to be your wife
It was me who delayed the things
As I wanted to fly with my wings
But I never wanted to disappoint you 
I love you and only you

I am sorry that I hurt you 
I want to come back to you 
Will you accept me and be mine
And will it again all be fine
This is all what i doubt
I can see the dark clouds

I am looking at the wrists and the knife
I am going to end my life
silence prevails...................................

Monday, July 26, 2010

Desire v/s Destiny: Kya Main Bhi ek Din PM ban Jaunga

Kya Main Bhi ek Din PM ban Jaunga

Mujhe Dar Lagta hai
Kya Main Bhi 1 din PM ban jaunga
Mujhe dar lagta hia
Kya Main bhi kisi ko transfer ke liye
Apne developer ko 2 saal tak tadpaunga
Mujhe dar lagta hai
Kya Main bhi Release Nahi Dunga
Apne developer ko bina buy out ke
Mujhe dar lagta hai
Kya Main bhi Onsite ke liye help nahi karunga
Aur khud chala jaunga
Mujhe dar lagta hai
Kya Main bhi coding chod kar
Sirf status meeting Rakhunga
Mujhe Dar lagta hai
Kya Main Bhi Galiya sununga
Apni peeteh peeche
Mujhe Dar Lagta Hia
Kya Main Bhi Bura Ban jaunga
1 Baar PM Ban ke
Mujhe Dar lagta hia
Kya Main Bhi 1 din
Sabki watt lagaunga
Aur Sabse Sawal puchunga
Mujhe dar Lagta Hai
Kya Main bhi leaves cancel karunga
Aur logo ki badduyaein lunga
Mujhe Dar Lagta hia

Main Main to developer hi theek hu
Nahi Chahiye Aisi responsibility jo galiya padwaye
Hum to developer hi theek hia
Kaam Karenge Aur Ghar Jayenge
Pm chahe Bolta rahe ………

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ah I Wish - version 3

Ah I wish - version 3
Ah I wish
I would have never come so far
To understand that’s its love
So that it would have been less painful

Ah I wish
I would have never let you go
And be together always
And living for each other

Ah I wish
I would have never committed
those silly mistakes
And never let my ego come in

Ah I wish
I would have apologized
As soon as I realized the mistakes
Until it was too late

Ah I wish
I could go back in time
And correct my mistakes
when we were together

Ah I wish …

Ps1: The Rains will continue for a while and so on will the Ah I wish series.
Ps2: Just a Poem is just a poem is just a poem .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

bus 1 roz main

Bus ek roz bahut door chala jaunga
waqt ki tarah hu hath na aunga
lakh koshish karlo
hatho se fisal jaunga

Ek wada hai apni yadon ke kisse chod jaunga
Arey Pareshan mat hona har yaad me mil jaunga
Banke hawa teri jhulfo se khelunga
Tere Daaman ko choom jaunga

Mar jaunga par apne nishan chod jaunga
Pyar banke tere ansu ban jaunga
Par jane se pehle ye dua kar jaunga
hasti rahe tu teri muskurahat ban jaunga

Bin Badal Barsaat ban jaunga
ek unkahi si baat ban jaunga
kya pata tha itna pyar kar paunga
aur maut se badtar itni saza paunga

Friday, June 11, 2010

Meri Mummy Ne Kaha Hain Mujse Beta Mujko Bahu La Do

Meri Mummy Ne Kaha Hain Mujse Beta Mujko Bahu La Do
Maine Kaha Mummy Kaha Milti Hain bus itna Bata Do
Mere Papa Mujse Bole Beta Shadi Karle Tu Jawan Ho Gaya Hain
Maine Kaha Papa Baat Kehne Ki nahi hia yeh To Muje Bhi Pata Hain
Dada bole lado beta mujhko ab is lathi ka ek sahara
Maine kaha koi aye to mile ishara aur mujhko mile kinara
Dadi boli jaldi shadi karle ab nahi raha jata hia
Maine kaha tum to bol leti ho mujhese to bola bhi na jata hia
Behen boli bhaiya ab to bhabhi lado
Meine Bola shadi ka laddo pehle tujhe na khiladu
Bhai bola bhaiya tum fatafat karlo fir mera number lagado
Maine kaha chotu teri batein Mummy ko batadu
Mere Dost Mujse Bole Ghayel Tu Kar Le Aashiqi
Maine Kaha Yaro Koi Milti Nahi Koshish To Bohat Ki
Mera Manager bola beta settle ho jao
Maine kaha uncle itne paise kaha se lau
bus yaaro kisi ne kaha hai time har kutte ka ata hai
Miggu to fir bhi insaan ki category me ata hia
par waqt se pehle aur bhagye se adhik kisi ko kya mil pata hia
Bus Miggu Sahi waqt ka intzaar farmata hia

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He came to Rob her of jewellery and perhaps more ......

It was eleven o'clock when Sarita turned off the television set,Harsh her husband was still at office attending a client call.She showered, pulled on a sky blue nightgown, and slipped into the pink flowered bed sheets of the king size bed in the beautiful no curtain flat at seventh floor of this newly built housing society.She pushed the pillow below her head and switched off the AC as it started raining outside.It was lovely romantic weather and she looked gorgeous as ever.

It was 11:30 in the clock ,when an explosive sound broke the silense.She looked at the balcony , there was no one.She Thought Perhaps the sound had come from the passing Automobiles or it might be the thunder.But again, the sound came , someone was at the drwaing room and probably hit the newly bought flask which perhaps fell on the ground.she grabbed the telephone and tried to call harsh but strangely there was no ringtone ,perhaps someone cut down the wires,She climbed to grab her mobile she called harsh but it was not reachable.

Sarita's face was now twisted into expression of helplessness and fear as the black barrel of a revolver was pressed against her left ear.She Screamed and cried but was slapped and was asked to shut down the voise or else would be raped and killed , the Big man in black suit said who had mask covering his face.She cried,she begged for her life and showed him the locker where she had kept her jewellery.

Take what you want,"she said, "but please, don't hurt me." She cried.He picked up all the jewellery and asked for cash now ,"its in the lower drawer" , sarita replied , a tear fell down through her face ,as she remembered that it was the jewellery which she bought on her first anniversary.He came to Rob her of jewellery and perhaps more , He had all what he wanted perhaps not , he came closer to her and asked "where is your husband " , "he will be back from office in a while" she said.Now he was so close to her that she could feel him breathing,He tried to make sexual advances,she pushed him back, He tore down her blue gown ,she resisted but could not help.She bit on his hand and ran towards the balcony , he followed her , he twisted her wrist and grabbed her with both his hands, She was fighting , she resisted but slipped on the grill , as it was still raining and the floor was wet , as he tried to climb up and grab her agian , he slipped and fell out of the balcony.

She was shivering and every drop of rain was striking a wound oh her naked body , she was still frightened and crying, but she was allrigh.Suddenly her mind snapped back to the reality of what had happened.she ran inside , pulled on a new pink nightgown and then ran to the front of the apartment ,She screamed "he is a robber , he tried to rob me ".A circle of people was formed around the wounded thief.she picked her way through the spectators and looked down at the man on the ground. He was bleeding.He was dead. The blood poured from the torn skull like water.She felt no pity.Suddenly her heart beat nearly stopped as she could recognize the thirf , he was none other than her college classmate Rohit , who suddenly disappered from college after she refused his love for him.He came to Rob her of jewellery and more and all he got was death.

Suddenly Harsh came and was shocked to see all that , later in the night she had to answer all the questions from the local police department ,She had been answering questions for more than three hours now.She was exhausted.She wanted to sleep and to forget.The next morning , she was still sleeping till 10 am when harsh came up with bed tea to serve her .She smiled and actually forgot the last nighttrauma.But the shock was still to come , the daily newspaper read "Ex-Bf tries to rape married girl gets his punishment".She was just going through the newspaper when harsh asked "so where did he touched you".It was shocking , sarita said she did not wanted to discuss but harsh , he just changed after that.

She had loads of friends in college and Rohit was one of them , Rohit even proposed her once in collge but she declined as she used to like harsh , harsh was the only person she truly loved.They were in so much love, it was true love,They just couldnt live without each other.They made each other promise that we would never leave each other,everything was perfect. Until harsh found out what happned that night , he could not handle the questions put up by the society. For two months after that, everything was still normal.She could never imagine him so silent and lost.T hen one day he just left. A week later they was divorced.She was dead inside and alone.

Harsh got remmaried and settelled just after 6 months of the divorce ,Sarita commited suicide the same month.It was a strange night , He came to Rob her of jewellery and perhaps more all he got was death , all he gifted was death.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The uncalled death

The Uncalled death
Inspector Shinde got a call at 6 am in the morning from the neighbors of Satinder , that he was not opening the door of his house and a foul smell was coming from the house. When he arrived with constable Rane, they went around the house and saw a sardar’s body lying on the floor; yes it was a dead body. The owner of the house Jayant was called for Investigation. It was not a robbery; there was no evidence of anything. But blood as Red as can be could be seen coming out of satinders leg, scratches and fresh scars were visible at his face. Inspector Shinde thought it to be a brawl between friends but that was not to be.
Satinder was a tough guy ,a typical Punjabi raw sardar , fresh out of farms of Punjab into this magical , ever so romantic place called Infosys Mysore. He had just cleared his Infosys Training at Mysore and was posted at pune. As today was his First Birthday at Pune, He went out with his friends to This wonderful pub called apache. They all got drunk at 1 am in the morning they were driving their bikes on Mumbai Pune express highway on their way back to wakad from where they would go to Pimple saudagar.They all Reached home where they all wished each other and went to sleep in their respective apartments and in the morning satinder’s Dead body was found.
As soon as Rohit ;satinders colleague heard the news he rushed to the scene and spilled the beans. According to Rohit, the incident occurred at 1 am last night on the highway, when a heated argument ensued after an accident. “Satinder was driving his pulsar and hit two men — Mangesh and Sanket— who were standing on the road. As satinder and all his friends were drunk a heated argument broke out between them, fight took an ugly turn when friends of satinder ;Rakesh and Sachin went on to have a fist fight with mangesh and Sanket ,The on lookers came by and it was a brawl then,Satinder and Rohit were badly hit by the mob and satinder was hit on his leg with a pointed thing and started bleeding .As soon as the mob saw the blood they all scattered and now only these four were left.Satinder was still bleeding even after they covered it and tightened it with their bandanas. They all were still in hangover as they were heavily drunk and started for their Home. They all Reached home where they all wished each other went to sleep in their respective apartments and in the morning satinder’s Dead body was found.Satinder was alone in his apartment last night as all his roommates went to Mumbai as it was a weekend. His Dead body was found lying on the sofa.
The post mortem Report Reviled that satinder was killed as a result of lot blood loss which all four of them failed to notice and were too drunk to think about that.

I felt the Tremors this time

I felt the Tremors this Time …
Yes I felt the tremors This time, Your know why because its my city , its the place where I have been manier times. Yes I felt the tremors this time, That too quite badly, I used to go to German bakery once in a while just to see the chicks and hap crowd.Koregaon One of the busiest place to be in .Its a happening place and they choose to blow it up and we are still giving them Ac facilities in jails, look at kasab he is living a happier life in the great Indian judicial system. When we have enough proof why don’t we hang him right now.
I would not blame the Maharashtra government for this blast because after David headly's interrogation revealed that he did visit Pane during his Indiavisit, the Chabad House at Koregaon park was heavily guarded, even up to last week I could see sand bags stocked at the chabad house premise while I was passing through Koregaon Park, even concrete road dividers were also being planted in Koregaon Park yesterday, as the main road of Koregaon Park is a small road and this area has many party spots for brats who keep speeding on their bikes and cars on this road, I would really like to know where are the brave hearts of Maharashtra from MNS and Shiv Sena. Are they still opposing the movie and wasting our police forces priceless time. I guess its only because of people like Thakrey that the police has to guard multiplexes instead of target areas.
Though My Name is Khan did not release in pune till Friday still almost all movie halls in pune were provided with heavy police security, just because of the useless threats which Shiv Sena had issued for stopping this film from getting released, Shiv Sena would have really felt proud of all this drama they set up, it's just because of these idiots the police force had to be diverted to protect the cinema halls and now Shiva Sena would put the blame on Ashok Chavan that he was busy protecting a film release, so what should a CM do, protect civilians from Political Goons or Terrorists , I pity for the CM, he is left with no choice but to protect multiplexes from MORAL POLICING of MNS and SS.If would have been in CHAVAN's place I would have jailed both RT and SS chief for wasting and vandalizing public property and disturbing peace.
You know what I never felt so scared , I never felt the tremors of a terrorist attack before , but this time it was different ,Mom called at exactly 19:45 Saturday thankfully I was at home , I told her that everything was fine ,Grandpa called me soon , yeah he can use mobile too, he is a technically trained farmer you know. I told him everything was fine.soom The cell phone was full of sms's , I still did not realized it was that bad, I switched on the TV and then saw the site,OMG it was German bakery , Its the same spot where we used to go on bikes just to check the chicks and eat some tasty bakery items,OSHO ashram was there, I was shaken to the core, Its the same place where I would have been some other day.9 dead 50 injured is the government figure, I don’t believe that.Fb and orkut was full of messages. But I was answering the phone calls , was smsing and was just thinking of the people who sell flowers just outside that shop. Its a shame , they struck pune and we were giving high class treatment to kasab and preventing SRK , just that SRK earn BILLIONS out of that movie , will he give anything out of his profit to the victims.SS and MNS brave hearts will do anything , even if they do the precious lives are nomore.Someone's son/husband/brother/sister/wife are dead.
Again for few days we would see the debate shows occupying news channel prime time slots, blame game on the central and state government, few fiery words from Sena and MNS, and then the issue would die down. It's really unfortunate that has happened in Pune and let's hope peace prevails in the city .But I will never forget this , and will not forget people who earn billions and more for their publicity stunts, for their political carriers and usage of police force in stupid things and will never care for the poor people who died. I will not forget those people.

The Imperfect Perfect Murder

Inspector Rahul got a call at 6 am in the morning from the neighbors of Deepika sharma, that she was not opening the door of her house and a foul smell was coming from the house. When he arrived with constable Shinde, they went around the house and saw a woman’s body lying on the floor; yes it was a dead body. The owner of the house Jayant was out for an onsite assignment at Mumbai. It was not a robbery, there was no evidence of foul play either .No substance of any kind was found in her toxicology report, and the Pathologist declared her death a case of natural cause from heart failure.
The next Sunday Inspector Rahul arrested Mr Jayant. Jayant was shocked; he was remembering his love story which was a popular one at Infosys Mysore. Jayant was a cool guy, a typical Punjabi guy fresh out of farms of Punjab into this magical, ever so romantic place called Infosys Mysore where he met Deepika sharma a charming doll from Delhi carrying her typical Delhi university attitude. He had fallen for Deepika the moment they met at induction at the multiplex. His friends tried to warn him that Deepika was a big flirt, but he did not care. After the training got over, they were married within months after meeting each other but he soon realized his mistake.
While both were working at same Infosys office, they used to go separately on their own vehicles, she treated him like a piece of garbage, both on the premises and at home, and especially liked to insult his mom and dad. The final assault came when he saw her and her colleague Rohan at E square the multiplex coming out after watching the movie Ishquiyan.Jayant had loved her so much but was unable to understand what to do now; he was irritated to the core as Deepika openly flirting with many of her colleagues. Jayant felt humiliated. On Deepak’s birthday she did not came home the whole night and did not even bothered to explain the reason , a germ of an idea was born in jayant’s mind. He wanted his wife dead one way or another.
He started studying about perfect murders and homicides from online blogs and websites, where he came to know about the poison chimera, it was such a poison that would make the victim undergo a heart attack with in thirty minutes and it won’t get detected, it was secretly bought online by jayant and was mixed into deepika’s dinner on 26th jan, when he left for the onsite assignment. It was supposed to end in a perfect murder; But Deepika had plans with Rohan and gave the dinner to her Maid Sushma .Sushma died after thirty minutes as it was a perfect murder.
Inspector Rahul Got all the records from internet usage of Mr Jayant and a little of third degree made jayant commit his mistake. Jayant got life imprisonment and gave divorce to Deepika the next month of his arrest. Deepika was not bothered and left to US with Rohan after the divorce formalities were over.

Coffe at Chennai Express

Sahil was a cool guy, a typical Punjabi guy fresh out of farms of Punjab into this magical, ever so romantic place called Infosys Mysore. Sahil used to like Monika, but he didn’t know her. She was so beautiful. Her photograph generally appeared in the columns of Gurukul the Global Education Centre’s magazine an online journal. She was a dynamic personality. He just admired her. He always wanted to see her in person; he always enquired her classmates about her timings, and always waited to see her leaving for the food courts.
One weekend he was traveling in CHENNAI EXPRESS from Bangalore to Chennai. He boarded the train got his seat and saw his next seat being vacant. No one came there to occupy it. The T.C told him that that seat is reserved from next station. He was going to Chennai to attend his friend’s engagement. It took around 20 minutesto reach the next station. He was listening to songs on his new cell phone when the door opened and he could not believe his luck. Monika came to occupy the seat.
“I am Sahil’, He told her. She gave a smile and shook hands with him. May I know your name please? He asked. She replied “Monika”. Then after about half an hour later he gathered the courage to tell her that he knew who she is and is a big admirer of her poems on the journal. O.K. was the reply. She was reluctant to talk but he continued, “I see your photographs appearing in Gurukul-The online journal” and that’s how he started the conversation. The steward came and asked about any requirement. They ordered coffee, “I would like to share one of my dreams with you” he said. She gave affirmative reply. “Monika, I always wanted to have this coffee with you at least once in my life time” he dared to tell her. “That’s wonderful. Dreams also come true, wow. That’s how it all started. Now after few days Monika and Sahil were buddies and shared almost all the time together only. Both used to sit alongside each other during Stream Training, Both used to have lunch together, they always used to study together, he liked her deeply. Sahil had starting loving her and desperately used to wait for her in the sessions.
Fortunately or unfortunately both got the posting at Chennai and they had to travel through the same CHENNAI EXPRESS, It was the right opportunity for Sahil to express his love, the same train where it all started. The steward came and asked about any requirement. They ordered COFFEE, oh yes Coffee!! “hey Monika I want to share a dream with you” …”I also want to tell you something very special”.Ok ladies first tell me.”I m going to get married to Raj, my childhood friend “It’s an arranged marriage but we like each other so much “ ….” I actually love him “
Sahil had nothing to say.
The End.

A beautiful thing called love

A beautiful Thing Called Love.
Vipin’s dream was to become a Pilot. He joined one of reputed training academy the UNITED AVAIATION ACADAMY at gurgaon on June 23 2007 soon after he finished his from his hometown in Haryana. He was friendly with everyone there in the academy. His humorous nature was his strength. He was very good in human relations. All the girls in that academy liked him. He was one of those Raw Punjabi guys who could attract anyone. Vipin was a cool guy, a typical Punjabi fresh out of farms of Haryana. His friendly nature made majority of girls under the impression that he was in love with them, but love was the only word which was not in his dictionary. Many times he would see girls checking him out during the ground training sessions, but he usually smiled at them and never proceeded.
Vipin was to leave for London for his air training on Tuesday, and suddenly on Monday his mother called him and said that she did not wanted
Him to go for air training as that was very adventures job and she can’t not live like that. She told him that the duration for which he will be flying her heart will be in her mouth. So after a lot of discussion; like a perfect mamma’s boy he decided to return back and join one of the IT firms at Mysore called Infosys.
He was to join the training on 14 Jan, 2008. All his class mates came to see off him at the air-port. He was shaking hand with everyone and noticed one of girls from his batch was not there. He asked about her. But nobody knew why she did not turn up. May be because she was reserved type of personality, but one thing was sure that he was not feeling good without her there. Finally vipin left and joined the training at Mysore.18th Jan was his birthday when suddenly he received a phone call from Divya the same girl who was not present to see him off the airport.
“Happy Birthday Vipin, I love you”, were her words. From the day he joined training. Every one kept calling him. But she didn’t call. There was not a single day when he didn’t miss her. He was badly looking to hear her voice. Whenever he tried to call her, she didn’t take any calls. He had actually started discussing her with every colleague there. She was the one who used to sit alongside him during ground training sessions, she was the one who used to share her lunch with him, she was the one who was ever so smiling, she was the one who always used to study together with him, she was the only one who never checked him out but liked him deeply. Vipin also used to wait for her in the sessions; He also waited for her at lunch, but none of them never knew it was love.
“Happy Birthday Vipin , I love you” , These were the words he listened to and was on 7th heaven( I actually wrote cloud9) ,Since then he added one lovely word to his dictionary, LOVE. He is still working with one of best IT Firms, and she is an air hostess at Kingfisher Airways. They happen to meet almost once in a fortnight. They are planning to get married soon.
My question: Why one waits for the other to make him/her realize its Love.

Her New Mail Id

It was 19 Jan 2008 , Simran was about to leave for the day from office as it was her birthday tomorrow and soon she would start getting calls also it was her last working day at Infosys , as soon she would be getting married to Jayant in a month’s time who was the chosen one by her parents but both were seeing each other after they got engaged 6 months back. She was about to shoot the final mail bidding adieu to everyone, when she called her friend Rohit who was a colleague whom she met just 3 months ago, She told him to create an Email id at Gmail so that she can Transfer all the data to that mail from office and also she would mention everybody to be in touch with her on that new mail id only.

Rohit made the new id and informed her new username and password. Soon she mailed all the private stuff from her system and also mentioned that id in her last mail. She started from office at 10 Pm after attending the farewell cake cutting ceremony. As soon she got out from office she got a call from Jayant so instead of taking the bus she started walking towards her home as it was just 2km away from the company on foot as she usually used to do whenever she was on call.

Suddenly it was 2230 hours when Rohit’s call was on waiting, she did not picked it as she was still talking to jayant. After a few minute’s she got a message from Rohit saying that “he has seen all the images of her with her ex boy friend mailed to that new id and now he has changed the password of the email id and now she cannot do anything and if she wants those pictures back, he wants 100k rupees for that.”

She was shocked nearly to death as the fast moving bus passed by just a whisker away. She has no clue what to do next to go and celebrate her birthday or to tell everything to jayant or to start collecting 100k rupees.


2nd and the last part

Walking on the road was she, alone in that crowed yet so lonely road in the killing noisy silence. It was 11 now jayant was calling her but she was not picking, She was still lost in thoughts what to do and what not to cursing her for trusting Rohit as well for saving old memories, suddenly she got another message from Rohit informing her that she has got just 3 hours for 100k.

After thinking for long she decided to give him the money. Rahul told her to come to majestic station to give her the money, both decided to meet at 3 am in the morning .Jayant kept on calling her but she did not picked any of the calls. She went to the ATM and took the money.

She was waiting for Rohit at the bus stop, suddenly from nowhere she was met by him, who came and pick up her, from the bus station. He took her to an under-construction building in Tilaknagar, where he told him to give the money and switch off the mobile phone. After getting the money he was now full of greed and lust as he told her that he liked her and wanted to have sex with her and started making sexual advancements and told her if she refrains or stops he would make the pictures public. She tried to stop him but she was afraid too. A loud noise of tearing cloth was heard.

She reached home 4 am and slept; Jayant came at 6 am in the morning and gave him a surprise birthday visit with a beautiful birthday cake.

And asked her why the phone was switched off.”It was out of battery” she explained. They both had coffee together which she made. At 7 am the newspaper came and jayant shouted “hey someone from your office got murdered last night”.

The newspaper read “A techie named Rohit was beaten to death by robbers and all his valuables were stole, Police have no clue about anything till now.”