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Monday, July 4, 2011

Confession : I Hit and Ran

Ok. I know people do this all the time, but I'm really having pangs of conscience about this. Some of you may laugh because  I'm probably freaking out over something most people would just shrug off. Anyway, yesterday on a lazy Sunday I was just coming back from the restaurant where I usually have my dinner .As a prelude I must tell you I  have been driving for 10 years now and  I have no accident thank god for that.  So I just took that turn towards the road which leads to my Place , The road is usually dark as the state government does not actually care about street lightning but I guess now we are used to driving in dark roads. I was at a speed of around 50 kmph , the road is quite bumpy but I was in a rush to catch my favorite tele show and so I did not bother to slow down. And suddenly my mobile phone rang , I usually don’t bother to stop or slow down to attend the call but I attend it with my one hand and with one hand I can drive quite well and I am kind of proud of that , most people do that in India and talk about traffic sense at Delhi NCR .As soon as I took the phone out of my shirt pocket and WHAM….. Something just hit me or maybe I hit something and I was sure , I ran over it . I stopped after 50 meters to see what had happened , It was dark but I guess I could still see what has happened. There wasn't any damage or a dent, but there was something laying on the road.  I was already late for the television show and though I'm usually quite level-headed, I sort of panicked. I tried to see what was it and was shocked to see the blood on the road , she might be 2 years old ,I was cursing her for crossing the road alone in this dark night and that too she had to come in front of me , I quietly had a look around and got to know no one was watching .I thought of going towards it and picking it but was afraid that the blood might give me stains. First time involved in something like this and sort of freaked, walked back out and drove off. Now, I'm having major pangs of conscience. I don't know how to overcome this. And though it is not likely at all, I can't help but have this odd worry that someone saw me or some camera caught me and that someone will track me down. If so, what should I do?. Perhaps I feel horrible because I consider myself a pretty honest person.  So what should I do? And should I worry? Yes I murdered a squirrel. It could have been anyone. People don’t mix mobile with driving.