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This blog , is authored by Rahul Miglani .This blogs is also known as Desire v/s Destiny or more popularly as DVD is about short stories and poems inspired by real life which have been written in such pictorial way that you can feel everything is happening around you or might have happen around you at some point of time.The book by the author of this blog is also known as Desire v/s Destiny it also contains short stories , some romantic poems as well as poems on social issues.The book Desire v/s Destiny is available for sale here

This is what you can Find on this Blog.

Poetry : Some Poems from the Heart.

Short Story : Some Stories influenced by Real Life.
Love : Again Short Stories with label as Love.
Erotic : Some Fiction with label Erotic.
Pictures Blog : You can see the Pictures from around the Globe.

You can Have a look at the Following sections on this Blog

Challenge Me : Here you Can challenge Rahul to write on anything.
Get Reviewed : Here you can Request Rahul for your blog to get reviewed.
Awards : This is a Show Off Page
Author : This contains some details about Rahul.
Contact : Yes you can surely contact him.
Guest Post : This is where you can get published.
Proofreading Services : This is the Professional Paid service offered by Rahul.
About : This is where you are.


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