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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Jamuna Parsad was very happy ,It was his first night , his newly wed wife was looking amazingly cute.Jamuna was thrilled to see that 16 year old beauty waiting for him at the so called bed which was made of bricks with a new bed sheet on  it in a shabby tent-house better then a hut beside the pavement near the main road.She could notice the stares of the neighboring boys through the wholes the tent had. Some of them whistled and passed vulgar remarks.Soon It was night and they all were gone.Jamuna Prasad was only 18 and was a construction worker at Navi Mumbai , He just got married to kajal who was the only daughter of another construction worker at the same site.Kajal Never Imagined he could get so much love from jamuna as he gave her her first set of bangles which she used to imagine in her dreams.But she did not knew that the happiness would not last long.
Just after 3 months of his wedding one day she gets to know that both her hurband and her father got killed in a construction mishap at the site.She was shocked to death and could not speak anything.Her misery did not stop here , she was beaten and tortured everyday by her in laws as they thought she brought the ill fate to their son.She quietly used to bear all their beatings and would do the daily house hold until the day she discovered she was pregnant.”Ma , I am pregnant , said kajal to her mother in law”.”you bloody slut whose baby is that….shouting her mother in law replied”.Her Mother in law was waiting for something like this to happen so she could throw her out of the house and that’s what happened. Her father in law was always too drunk to say anything”.Kajal was helpless , she was alone and most importantly she was pregnant.
She had a few friends mostly those who shared the same footpath where they used to stay.Mostly they were boys whose salutations would include abuses, some of them used to work for the local muscle men and the rest pimps for the prostitutes of the same area.She went to ram bai , her neighbor and told her the whole story , Ram Bai was a widow whose only son was a pimp who used to earn by sending girls from the same slum to the customers. Ram bai gave her shelter but at a condition that she would help her in business of making bouquets from the flowers and would never demand any money. Ram Bai used to sell the bouquets at the near Traffic Signal.
It was August 1985 when Arjun was Born ,Kajal was so happy to see her child who just looked like Jamuna Prasad.She delivered the baby at Ram Bai house only as going to hospital was a costly affair.One day when Kajal was breast feeding arjun , Katiya , Ram Bai’s Son came home early.Though Having biscuit complexion Kajal’s facial features and curves of body always attracted men and Katiya was no different.Katiya could not control himself when he saw kajal’s breast and a glimpse of her luring waiste.Katiya Made sexual advances which Kajal tried to stop.Arjun was crying continuously , kajal shouted but her blouse was torn into pieces Katiya was about to achieve what he wanted and suddenly RamBai came back to the pavement hut and kajal was saved But she knew she had lost her shelter yet again.Literally dead Kajal walked on the road with arjun to nowhere.She slept at the bus stand for two days and begged for money to buy something to eat for arjun.But Destiny had something else in store for her.The third day Arjun Did not wake up in the morning , he did not cried as he used to .Arjun was not well,She rushed to the nearest hospital and it was just like striking a Nail in already wounded Kajal when the doctor said  Arjun had Brain tumor.
The doctors told her to bring certain medicines which they had prescribed. They had told her that the operation would cost about sixty thousand rupees. The medicines and the accommodation in the hospital would be about twenty five thousand. Kajal was shaken and broken ,she was helpless and the destiny of a lovely seventeen year old beautiful lady was too cruel to be described as god’s act. She knew begging won’t help her raise the money she needed. There was no way she could raise the amount of money by selling flowers.Operation was to take place on Sunday. There were five days in her hand. There was no other way but to go to katya, the pimp.
Even after hearing her story katya’s lecherousness remained as strong as it was.”If you sleep with me now , I Can give you 1000 Bucks and not only that I can get you customers and handle the police as well but you will have to give me 30% of whatever you earn” were the words that came out of katya’s mouth ,By now kajal was cold enough to hear anything.she lied as a dead body as katya had intercourse with him.Katya enjoyed her like an animal.He kissed ,licked and sucked every part of her body .By evening he was introduced to so called civilized men of the society by katya.She was rated as the best in the business with in three days and she was earning anything between 1000-10000Rs.
Arjun was 17 now , it was the day when the results were out and he was selected in Paranjape Hospital for a MBBS.He was so happy ,he wanted to share this news with his mother first , As he was on his way back home he saw his mother in heavy makeup in a car with someone.Arjun was waiting for Kajal at home , It was 3 in the morning when she returned.”I saw you mother…””you don’t work at construction site do you “…?.”I did this so that you could live and study “.Arjun slapped his mother.Kajal had nothing to say.
Next morning Kajal’s dead body was found in a well near the slum. Somebody lost a life, somebody lost his mother , somebody lost his business.Arjun is in final year of his graduation.
Wah ri duniya wah
Tere rang hazar
Upper rakhe phool
Niche sukhi mazaar
Bikti hia zindagee
Fir bhi sajte hia bazaar
Wah ri duniya wah
Tere rang hazar.