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Monday, December 12, 2011


"Facebook is not my social identity , its a part of my social identity and you my dear friends have to understand that !! -- Rahul Miglani"

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tell Her someone we love it the "simple way"

Stop looking for humor...I say
It’s everywhere night and day
Let me tell you what I have to say
Coz it was a HDDG on her way

Getting out of the house was no easy way
Had to think 'what-shall-i-wear-today??'
Or crib that no one cares, anyway
Worrying about makeup which she does heavy ways
Always covering the skin with red, pink and various shades

Wearing a scarf preventing her from Uv rays
She was care full no one misses her glares
She wore a rainbow colored tee
Which came buy 2 get one free

She had to shop that’s why she came,
She always came when there was no rain,
Worrying that the makeup would go
She had lost all the enjoyment we do

Finally she steps inside the mall and says
“bhaiya alu kitne ke dozen diye”
It’s per kg smiling bhaiya says
Cribbing about what bhaiya says
She came back finally smiling all the way

Tell her someone that we love it the simple way
Not make up but a smile will make our day
We want a girl very simple we pray
Who wakes up the same every day?

PS: NOM to all Girls! Secret : Guys love simple Girls...
PS: HDDG*-> HAR DIN DIWALI GIRL -The one who have mashkara, lashkara , kajal on her and wears shining red, blue ,green clothes with long heals every day.
Dedicated to all the girls who wear heavy makeup everyday!