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Monday, August 23, 2010

I Remember

I remember each and every step
I remember the the day we met

I remember each day and night

I remember each and every fight

I remember you were always right

I remember when you said I love you

I remember when I said yeah me too

I remember when you blushed

I remember when i made yoiu smile

I remember you wanted to be a kite

I remember to stop u was not right

I remember the promise u made to me

I remember when you carved our names in that old tree

I remember the promise of being together

I remember our long night calls

I remember our date in the malls

I remember that i made you cry

I remember when I was not honest with you

I remember when I let you go

I remember when I looked into your eyes

I remember when we said our goodbyes

I Know I might not be the perfect lover

But do Remember I loved Only and Only you

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Last Blog At Infosys , My Last Day

Today is My Last Day At Infosy :My Last Blog
I started my journey with Infosys on 14th Jan 2008, and came into this ever so Romantic place called Infosys Mysore. Infosys neither was my dream company nor was the first one. First few days were terrible as I had to share a room with 2 people at the Hotel. But as the days progressed I eventually fell in love with the phenomena from being a normal IT SE to being an Infoscion.I was in love with Infosys.

The training was actually an extension of the college period or may be better than college. At one point of time my CGPA was 2.81 [Hence the name MIG2.81] and even the best of friends had advised to look for another job as it was unimaginable to recover to a CGPA of 4.And then it was time of continuous A grades which helped me to finish my training at a CGPA of 4.61 better than the ones who told me to quit. At this point of time I will have to thank my inspiration to studyRaj Thilak Bhuvaneswaran; Rajan Bajaj and Rajas Joshi , These three were the ones who told me to study and achieve a good CGPA and I could achieve that.I will also like to thank Preenam, Nisha and Ankita Srivastava02 for believing in me and for always being with me. My cute friends Pushpita and Prithika were the sweetest ones. I still remember they were there when I was having a low CGPA and had a bad accident also.Anyways training days were the best ones with generic result out on IPL1 1st day and celebration at Purple Inn with me having 2 pitchers alone. I still remember studying whole night from 12 midnight till 8 am and going to gazebo at 2:50 Am to get LIMCA and whatever was left. Training introduced me to my namesake, my x-room mate, my x-project mate, my x-cub mate and my friend and a great human being RahulHarish_Purswani. All I can say is that I found friends for life time. If I don’t mention the names of my close friends Prabha and Madhu here then they have threatened to kill me ASAP; so doing the honors’.

I was initially posted to Chennai but thankfully swapped to Pune with my close friend Shanmuga Sundaram P. Pune is a Great city , a rocking one at its best, Lots of places to hangout and full of life. I still remember being so sincere when we all first came here. The project started and we all were lost. I would like to thank Infosys first because of which I was able to meet all the wonderful people like you & make so many friends. I even take this opportunity to thank all my seniors for the warmth, guidance and help. All my team members, present and past, for the cooperation and support, my friends for all the fun that I had with them. Sweta Modi, Amol , Rajiv_kumar05 and Mukul are always fun to be with. Special Mention to Pooja for remembering each and every birthday and making everyone feel special.All the trips and tours at Pune were even bigger and better than the ones we had at Mysore time , Literally covering every near bye place of pune and even the far aways.

Now comes the blogging part, 366 blogs,over 11k comments , lots of stories, poems and articles. I am thankful to Blogs for giving me a place to express myself so openly and regularly. I have learnt a lot from blogs, be it the language part or the variety part. Many people have asked me you are so popular on blogs who are my favorite bloggers and “ why I have such a huge female fan following”.Well my favourites are just a few, so here you go boss Priyanka shetty â€“The Talent, the awesomeness expressed with great picturisation of ideas with ease in her writings can be easily found. I admire her.Deepti Bhat– I love her poems and many times iConnect , she can write on anything with ease ,I am a fan actually.Avadutala_b â€“He made sure that Sarcasm was not a lost art,I am a fan deelip_tiwary and JayKumarShar saab for their each and every post. And the latest pheno-menon nikhil_menon01. .I know he joined the blogs late but he is Good.Too Good.Kalicharan & Deepu were the most loved ones.I still remember Deepu’s Interviews.Ajinx,Amit and 2 falle,famine,futte rohit and karan.

It was great to be a part of Cloud9 and MILAN teams , Organizing events and anchoring them was fun ,Finacle Fever Dance will remain a cherish able memory in my heart. MILAN provided a great opportunity to meet our leaders and interact with them. I thank each and every member of Cloud9 and MILAN team for the great enthusiasm they have.

Systemcrashers the cricket club was started 12 months ago which won 2 consecutive tournaments and were placed third in the last tournament of the season.It was great to captain a side full of enthusiasm and great talent, It was a dream run and a time to remember, I thank and each and every member of the team for being systemcrashers.

In my honest opinion the CRR process I guess is a big piece of Shit where in everything else matters but the work but HANG ON that’s not the reason I am leaving Infosys.iRace is one big phenomenon which I was never able to understand and was never able to hate because I knew I will leave Infosys before it could become a big reason.Anyways Buying out the notice period still hurts me. But its all right Finally I am getting out of it.

I would like to thank VSRIDHARS and Ravi_Makhija for giving an excellent start to my professional career here at finacle, Infosys. Buying out the Notice Period Hurts but I would like to appreciate my Managers who stood by company policies and I have to buy out my remaining Notice period of 39 Days. But Finally I am getting out if here. I would also like to thank HRs Anoop and Aparna for being patient with an impatient guy like me.

All in all it was an experience of a life time which had everything. I will be missing all of you for sure. All the Best for your future endeavors and may god bless you.
You all can stay in touch with me at , I use the same id for twitter, orkut , face book and in fact all social networking sites. And yes I will be blogging at . J J , Stay in Touch , This is Rahul Miglani Signing off .

And this Goodbye is not forever, I promise.

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PS7: This Good bye is not for ever.
oh yeah sarcasm is not a lost art , its just a craft!