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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


After you left 
I was sitting and watching My self in the mirror
I was sad and was looking with some horror
I wanted to put an end to my life 
I was sitting and was holding a knife
I wanted to it to cut my wrist 
But I remembered that there once you kissed
I was thinking what have I done

I wanted to end my life there and then
I was thinking from where it began
It was little misunderstanding which lead to this
And now As i begin to miss
all those beautiful days spent together
we loved each other in every weather
I was thinking what have I done 

I looked at the wrist and the knife
I remembered that you wanted me to be your wife
It was me who delayed the things
As I wanted to fly with my wings
But I never wanted to disappoint you 
I love you and only you

I am sorry that I hurt you 
I want to come back to you 
Will you accept me and be mine
And will it again all be fine
This is all what i doubt
I can see the dark clouds

I am looking at the wrists and the knife
I am going to end my life
silence prevails...................................

Monday, July 26, 2010

Desire v/s Destiny: Kya Main Bhi ek Din PM ban Jaunga

Kya Main Bhi ek Din PM ban Jaunga

Mujhe Dar Lagta hai
Kya Main Bhi 1 din PM ban jaunga
Mujhe dar lagta hia
Kya Main bhi kisi ko transfer ke liye
Apne developer ko 2 saal tak tadpaunga
Mujhe dar lagta hai
Kya Main bhi Release Nahi Dunga
Apne developer ko bina buy out ke
Mujhe dar lagta hai
Kya Main bhi Onsite ke liye help nahi karunga
Aur khud chala jaunga
Mujhe dar lagta hai
Kya Main bhi coding chod kar
Sirf status meeting Rakhunga
Mujhe Dar lagta hai
Kya Main Bhi Galiya sununga
Apni peeteh peeche
Mujhe Dar Lagta Hia
Kya Main Bhi Bura Ban jaunga
1 Baar PM Ban ke
Mujhe Dar lagta hia
Kya Main Bhi 1 din
Sabki watt lagaunga
Aur Sabse Sawal puchunga
Mujhe dar Lagta Hai
Kya Main bhi leaves cancel karunga
Aur logo ki badduyaein lunga
Mujhe Dar Lagta hia

Main Main to developer hi theek hu
Nahi Chahiye Aisi responsibility jo galiya padwaye
Hum to developer hi theek hia
Kaam Karenge Aur Ghar Jayenge
Pm chahe Bolta rahe ………

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ah I Wish - version 3

Ah I wish - version 3
Ah I wish
I would have never come so far
To understand that’s its love
So that it would have been less painful

Ah I wish
I would have never let you go
And be together always
And living for each other

Ah I wish
I would have never committed
those silly mistakes
And never let my ego come in

Ah I wish
I would have apologized
As soon as I realized the mistakes
Until it was too late

Ah I wish
I could go back in time
And correct my mistakes
when we were together

Ah I wish …

Ps1: The Rains will continue for a while and so on will the Ah I wish series.
Ps2: Just a Poem is just a poem is just a poem .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

bus 1 roz main

Bus ek roz bahut door chala jaunga
waqt ki tarah hu hath na aunga
lakh koshish karlo
hatho se fisal jaunga

Ek wada hai apni yadon ke kisse chod jaunga
Arey Pareshan mat hona har yaad me mil jaunga
Banke hawa teri jhulfo se khelunga
Tere Daaman ko choom jaunga

Mar jaunga par apne nishan chod jaunga
Pyar banke tere ansu ban jaunga
Par jane se pehle ye dua kar jaunga
hasti rahe tu teri muskurahat ban jaunga

Bin Badal Barsaat ban jaunga
ek unkahi si baat ban jaunga
kya pata tha itna pyar kar paunga
aur maut se badtar itni saza paunga