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Get Reviewed

All of us like to get reviewed for what we write.

So, here is your chance to get reviewed by Desire v/s Destiny.Read next sections carefully to understand how it works!

1.How do you get a review?
By requesting here via a comment. Leave links of three of your posts which you think are best. Review will be based on it.

2.What do you get reviewed for?
An in-depth review of your blog. The review will be based on the following criteria:

3.Can you get a review for more than one of your blogs?
Yes, but you need to ask for them separately and there must be at least one month’s duration between two requests.

4.After how many days of my requests will I get reviewed?
Depends , I would say As soon as Possible.

5.How do you get the feedback?
You can leave your email id in the comment section , You can get the review via an email or may be you can post the review on your blog.I give you full rights to do whatever with the review , post it publish it , advertise it or just play with it.

It's free and always will be....


  1. Rahul,

    Please review mine.. To make your job easy, I’m providing list of details you would like to know about my blog..

    Blog Link:
    Blog Name: Few Miles

    The purpose of the blog is to share the journey of Few Miles when it was started, later I shifted to pen more of creative fictions and poems and finally decided to write creative love stories and romantic poems irrespective of the contest or challenge I write for. I enjoy it to the core because I write anything that my heart wishes to. I would say my niche is romance, and here is a line taken from a review of my blog, ‘If you are addicted to romance in reading, I’d would say his blog is a drug to you’.

    Best Posts: I love all my write-ups so I cannot rate them but according to readers rating.

    1. Moments of Madness –
    2. Wishes –
    3. Internet is Fun –
    3. Rhyming Waters –
    4. Fate –
    5. The real meaning of squeak –
    6. Suicide –
    7. Mystery –
    8. DOVE –
    9. Untold Story-
    10. The pic became our –

    Please choose any 3 out of these 10.

    Thanks in Advance…!

    Someone is Special

    1. SIS !!!
      People look up to you because you have been an awesome writer !!!
      To review your blog will be a privilege , I will try my level best and come up with in this month with your review !!!

    2. I will wait for your email in my inbox as well as your blog for the update :-)

    3. Done

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    1. Hello anil,
      I guess Your review will be completed this month !! :)

  4. Hi Rahul,

    My blog is about political news, cars and bikes, movies, aviation, business news among other categories. Pls review my latest 3 posts. Thanks. Links are given below:

    1. Hi ,
      The review will be done by August First week .

    2. Hi,
      Your review is now live on my blog at
      I give you full rights to post the same content on your site.

  5. My email is

  6. hey Rahul aka Dvd ;)
    My blog is it is about random stuffs regarding everyday lives and all.
    My best three posts would be: this was the most satisfying post written by me. A poem depicting a broken heart's state. A post about a person remebering his school days.

    It would be lovely to get a review from you.
    my email:

  7. my blog

    well my three best posts would be

    but can i request you to put your review on my worst three here

    since you've assked to leave our best three here i've left my best three too, but i seriously want my review to be based on my worst ones, though it's upto you to choose which to review (obviously you shall not waste time reading my worst pieces but yeah drop the mail at

  8. Rahul i had come here to ask you for a review,but selecting three posts is going to take some time.I will be back soon.

  9. Hi Rahul!

    I would love to have my blog reviewed. Here are the three posts you asked for

    You can email me on

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Much thanks!

    1. Its Shifted here