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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


After you left 
I was sitting and watching My self in the mirror
I was sad and was looking with some horror
I wanted to put an end to my life 
I was sitting and was holding a knife
I wanted to it to cut my wrist 
But I remembered that there once you kissed
I was thinking what have I done

I wanted to end my life there and then
I was thinking from where it began
It was little misunderstanding which lead to this
And now As i begin to miss
all those beautiful days spent together
we loved each other in every weather
I was thinking what have I done 

I looked at the wrist and the knife
I remembered that you wanted me to be your wife
It was me who delayed the things
As I wanted to fly with my wings
But I never wanted to disappoint you 
I love you and only you

I am sorry that I hurt you 
I want to come back to you 
Will you accept me and be mine
And will it again all be fine
This is all what i doubt
I can see the dark clouds

I am looking at the wrists and the knife
I am going to end my life
silence prevails...................................


  1. Thanks a lot Roopz !!!
    ah I soooo like your blog !!

  2. hi sorry for the late response,i got ur msg for review:)but as there was some problem with my data card i just couldnt do so uptill now so here goes,i love your words,the poetry very well penned..enjoyed reading it for the critic part i would only suggest you to add a bit of colour too your blog here and thats about it..the writing is flawless:)keep it up

  3. @alka
    Thanksa lot .
    That encourages me a lot and for the color part I have been criticized a lot
    I guess its time to change
    Thanks a lot again for the encouragement

  4. Very nice flow of thoughts Rahul,& that too from the mouth of the other gender-very appreciable.

    1. Imagination a writers dream !! Thanks a lot Indu ji

  5. I like poems which make sense ,not only to the writer,but also to the readers.