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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A beautiful thing called love

A beautiful Thing Called Love.
Vipin’s dream was to become a Pilot. He joined one of reputed training academy the UNITED AVAIATION ACADAMY at gurgaon on June 23 2007 soon after he finished his from his hometown in Haryana. He was friendly with everyone there in the academy. His humorous nature was his strength. He was very good in human relations. All the girls in that academy liked him. He was one of those Raw Punjabi guys who could attract anyone. Vipin was a cool guy, a typical Punjabi fresh out of farms of Haryana. His friendly nature made majority of girls under the impression that he was in love with them, but love was the only word which was not in his dictionary. Many times he would see girls checking him out during the ground training sessions, but he usually smiled at them and never proceeded.
Vipin was to leave for London for his air training on Tuesday, and suddenly on Monday his mother called him and said that she did not wanted
Him to go for air training as that was very adventures job and she can’t not live like that. She told him that the duration for which he will be flying her heart will be in her mouth. So after a lot of discussion; like a perfect mamma’s boy he decided to return back and join one of the IT firms at Mysore called Infosys.
He was to join the training on 14 Jan, 2008. All his class mates came to see off him at the air-port. He was shaking hand with everyone and noticed one of girls from his batch was not there. He asked about her. But nobody knew why she did not turn up. May be because she was reserved type of personality, but one thing was sure that he was not feeling good without her there. Finally vipin left and joined the training at Mysore.18th Jan was his birthday when suddenly he received a phone call from Divya the same girl who was not present to see him off the airport.
“Happy Birthday Vipin, I love you”, were her words. From the day he joined training. Every one kept calling him. But she didn’t call. There was not a single day when he didn’t miss her. He was badly looking to hear her voice. Whenever he tried to call her, she didn’t take any calls. He had actually started discussing her with every colleague there. She was the one who used to sit alongside him during ground training sessions, she was the one who used to share her lunch with him, she was the one who was ever so smiling, she was the one who always used to study together with him, she was the only one who never checked him out but liked him deeply. Vipin also used to wait for her in the sessions; He also waited for her at lunch, but none of them never knew it was love.
“Happy Birthday Vipin , I love you” , These were the words he listened to and was on 7th heaven( I actually wrote cloud9) ,Since then he added one lovely word to his dictionary, LOVE. He is still working with one of best IT Firms, and she is an air hostess at Kingfisher Airways. They happen to meet almost once in a fortnight. They are planning to get married soon.
My question: Why one waits for the other to make him/her realize its Love.

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