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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He came to Rob her of jewellery and perhaps more ......

It was eleven o'clock when Sarita turned off the television set,Harsh her husband was still at office attending a client call.She showered, pulled on a sky blue nightgown, and slipped into the pink flowered bed sheets of the king size bed in the beautiful no curtain flat at seventh floor of this newly built housing society.She pushed the pillow below her head and switched off the AC as it started raining outside.It was lovely romantic weather and she looked gorgeous as ever.

It was 11:30 in the clock ,when an explosive sound broke the silense.She looked at the balcony , there was no one.She Thought Perhaps the sound had come from the passing Automobiles or it might be the thunder.But again, the sound came , someone was at the drwaing room and probably hit the newly bought flask which perhaps fell on the ground.she grabbed the telephone and tried to call harsh but strangely there was no ringtone ,perhaps someone cut down the wires,She climbed to grab her mobile she called harsh but it was not reachable.

Sarita's face was now twisted into expression of helplessness and fear as the black barrel of a revolver was pressed against her left ear.She Screamed and cried but was slapped and was asked to shut down the voise or else would be raped and killed , the Big man in black suit said who had mask covering his face.She cried,she begged for her life and showed him the locker where she had kept her jewellery.

Take what you want,"she said, "but please, don't hurt me." She cried.He picked up all the jewellery and asked for cash now ,"its in the lower drawer" , sarita replied , a tear fell down through her face ,as she remembered that it was the jewellery which she bought on her first anniversary.He came to Rob her of jewellery and perhaps more , He had all what he wanted perhaps not , he came closer to her and asked "where is your husband " , "he will be back from office in a while" she said.Now he was so close to her that she could feel him breathing,He tried to make sexual advances,she pushed him back, He tore down her blue gown ,she resisted but could not help.She bit on his hand and ran towards the balcony , he followed her , he twisted her wrist and grabbed her with both his hands, She was fighting , she resisted but slipped on the grill , as it was still raining and the floor was wet , as he tried to climb up and grab her agian , he slipped and fell out of the balcony.

She was shivering and every drop of rain was striking a wound oh her naked body , she was still frightened and crying, but she was allrigh.Suddenly her mind snapped back to the reality of what had happened.she ran inside , pulled on a new pink nightgown and then ran to the front of the apartment ,She screamed "he is a robber , he tried to rob me ".A circle of people was formed around the wounded thief.she picked her way through the spectators and looked down at the man on the ground. He was bleeding.He was dead. The blood poured from the torn skull like water.She felt no pity.Suddenly her heart beat nearly stopped as she could recognize the thirf , he was none other than her college classmate Rohit , who suddenly disappered from college after she refused his love for him.He came to Rob her of jewellery and more and all he got was death.

Suddenly Harsh came and was shocked to see all that , later in the night she had to answer all the questions from the local police department ,She had been answering questions for more than three hours now.She was exhausted.She wanted to sleep and to forget.The next morning , she was still sleeping till 10 am when harsh came up with bed tea to serve her .She smiled and actually forgot the last nighttrauma.But the shock was still to come , the daily newspaper read "Ex-Bf tries to rape married girl gets his punishment".She was just going through the newspaper when harsh asked "so where did he touched you".It was shocking , sarita said she did not wanted to discuss but harsh , he just changed after that.

She had loads of friends in college and Rohit was one of them , Rohit even proposed her once in collge but she declined as she used to like harsh , harsh was the only person she truly loved.They were in so much love, it was true love,They just couldnt live without each other.They made each other promise that we would never leave each other,everything was perfect. Until harsh found out what happned that night , he could not handle the questions put up by the society. For two months after that, everything was still normal.She could never imagine him so silent and lost.T hen one day he just left. A week later they was divorced.She was dead inside and alone.

Harsh got remmaried and settelled just after 6 months of the divorce ,Sarita commited suicide the same month.It was a strange night , He came to Rob her of jewellery and perhaps more all he got was death , all he gifted was death.


  1. Hey brilliantly written :)Nice narration

  2. Enjoyed the storyline...nicely written.

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