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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Her New Mail Id

It was 19 Jan 2008 , Simran was about to leave for the day from office as it was her birthday tomorrow and soon she would start getting calls also it was her last working day at Infosys , as soon she would be getting married to Jayant in a month’s time who was the chosen one by her parents but both were seeing each other after they got engaged 6 months back. She was about to shoot the final mail bidding adieu to everyone, when she called her friend Rohit who was a colleague whom she met just 3 months ago, She told him to create an Email id at Gmail so that she can Transfer all the data to that mail from office and also she would mention everybody to be in touch with her on that new mail id only.

Rohit made the new id and informed her new username and password. Soon she mailed all the private stuff from her system and also mentioned that id in her last mail. She started from office at 10 Pm after attending the farewell cake cutting ceremony. As soon she got out from office she got a call from Jayant so instead of taking the bus she started walking towards her home as it was just 2km away from the company on foot as she usually used to do whenever she was on call.

Suddenly it was 2230 hours when Rohit’s call was on waiting, she did not picked it as she was still talking to jayant. After a few minute’s she got a message from Rohit saying that “he has seen all the images of her with her ex boy friend mailed to that new id and now he has changed the password of the email id and now she cannot do anything and if she wants those pictures back, he wants 100k rupees for that.”

She was shocked nearly to death as the fast moving bus passed by just a whisker away. She has no clue what to do next to go and celebrate her birthday or to tell everything to jayant or to start collecting 100k rupees.


2nd and the last part

Walking on the road was she, alone in that crowed yet so lonely road in the killing noisy silence. It was 11 now jayant was calling her but she was not picking, She was still lost in thoughts what to do and what not to cursing her for trusting Rohit as well for saving old memories, suddenly she got another message from Rohit informing her that she has got just 3 hours for 100k.

After thinking for long she decided to give him the money. Rahul told her to come to majestic station to give her the money, both decided to meet at 3 am in the morning .Jayant kept on calling her but she did not picked any of the calls. She went to the ATM and took the money.

She was waiting for Rohit at the bus stop, suddenly from nowhere she was met by him, who came and pick up her, from the bus station. He took her to an under-construction building in Tilaknagar, where he told him to give the money and switch off the mobile phone. After getting the money he was now full of greed and lust as he told her that he liked her and wanted to have sex with her and started making sexual advancements and told her if she refrains or stops he would make the pictures public. She tried to stop him but she was afraid too. A loud noise of tearing cloth was heard.

She reached home 4 am and slept; Jayant came at 6 am in the morning and gave him a surprise birthday visit with a beautiful birthday cake.

And asked her why the phone was switched off.”It was out of battery” she explained. They both had coffee together which she made. At 7 am the newspaper came and jayant shouted “hey someone from your office got murdered last night”.

The newspaper read “A techie named Rohit was beaten to death by robbers and all his valuables were stole, Police have no clue about anything till now.”


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