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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coffe at Chennai Express

Sahil was a cool guy, a typical Punjabi guy fresh out of farms of Punjab into this magical, ever so romantic place called Infosys Mysore. Sahil used to like Monika, but he didn’t know her. She was so beautiful. Her photograph generally appeared in the columns of Gurukul the Global Education Centre’s magazine an online journal. She was a dynamic personality. He just admired her. He always wanted to see her in person; he always enquired her classmates about her timings, and always waited to see her leaving for the food courts.
One weekend he was traveling in CHENNAI EXPRESS from Bangalore to Chennai. He boarded the train got his seat and saw his next seat being vacant. No one came there to occupy it. The T.C told him that that seat is reserved from next station. He was going to Chennai to attend his friend’s engagement. It took around 20 minutesto reach the next station. He was listening to songs on his new cell phone when the door opened and he could not believe his luck. Monika came to occupy the seat.
“I am Sahil’, He told her. She gave a smile and shook hands with him. May I know your name please? He asked. She replied “Monika”. Then after about half an hour later he gathered the courage to tell her that he knew who she is and is a big admirer of her poems on the journal. O.K. was the reply. She was reluctant to talk but he continued, “I see your photographs appearing in Gurukul-The online journal” and that’s how he started the conversation. The steward came and asked about any requirement. They ordered coffee, “I would like to share one of my dreams with you” he said. She gave affirmative reply. “Monika, I always wanted to have this coffee with you at least once in my life time” he dared to tell her. “That’s wonderful. Dreams also come true, wow. That’s how it all started. Now after few days Monika and Sahil were buddies and shared almost all the time together only. Both used to sit alongside each other during Stream Training, Both used to have lunch together, they always used to study together, he liked her deeply. Sahil had starting loving her and desperately used to wait for her in the sessions.
Fortunately or unfortunately both got the posting at Chennai and they had to travel through the same CHENNAI EXPRESS, It was the right opportunity for Sahil to express his love, the same train where it all started. The steward came and asked about any requirement. They ordered COFFEE, oh yes Coffee!! “hey Monika I want to share a dream with you” …”I also want to tell you something very special”.Ok ladies first tell me.”I m going to get married to Raj, my childhood friend “It’s an arranged marriage but we like each other so much “ ….” I actually love him “
Sahil had nothing to say.
The End.

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