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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Roadies Audition

My Roadies Audition
It all started on Thursday morning when I got a mail from MTV that I have to come for the Roadies auditions ,Yeah I was damn exited from that moment.
Yeah I applied online as it was the only method for the auditions and the selection was only dependent on the answers to the weird questions asked online. so it was Thursday when I got the news and I was like jaun ya na jaun jau ya na jaun,Some of my genuine friends told me only to go only if I was damn enthusiastic .Anyways it was Thursday night when the salary had come , so celebrated it with BEER.
Friday Morning , I got up at 6:30 Yeah I was leaving with my friends to lonavala,khandala,some caves and some dams nearby. After the trip I came to the conclusion that all these spots are polluted and we IT people go there and pollute them. So if you really want to enjoy go to some virgin places around lonavala and khandala and spend some time and please please don’t pollute the place. Lets at least not use plastic.
Now it was 1130 Thursday night I was still confused jaun , na jaun , jaun , na jaun ..Kaise jaun .They have asked me to be there at exact 9 am , how to go. Neeta Volvo last bus is at 12 midnight and earliest is at 6:30 am , !!!Should I go by BIKE , what if it Rains!!!.I decided that I will go at aroud4 am to wakad and look for any State transport bus and hopefully I will get it.
So I slept at 12 midnight and after 3 hours I got up , it was 3 am I was damn exited to go for it , got ready by 3:45 , kicked my roommate and told him to drop me to Wakad highway , It was so nice of home to do that .So it was me exactly 4am at wakad waiting for the bus. It was 4:15 when a Volvo came and the conductor said "BOMBAY".i smiled and thought of RT.i said parel , he said YES !!! Wow I got a direct bus to the venue’s entered the bus and I sat on the first seat , and yeah somebody was sleeping on the adjacent seat with a red DUppta.I was feeling sleepy but I could not ,She got up at around at 6 and and removed the DUppata.WOW!!! She was a TOTTA.she said"konsa stations hia" , I calmly said "I don’t know "..a C******Matic(love ajkal fame) smile followed. At 7 she again asked "konsa stop hia" , I said "Mujhe nahi pata , I am coming for the first time here"....she smiled , I nearly fell down , wow what a smile. She was a PATAKA. Suddenly conductor said DADAR!!!.People got down and after 15 minutes it was parel where I got down.
It was 7:30 when I reached the Venue.MTV studio at parel.on the way I asked people about the venue and they all gave me right directions with a smile. A lot of people said "Mumbai me logo ko time nahi hota "This and that".Anyways I reached there and saw many Models and Tattoo maniacs waiting for the doors to open. I started interacting and got the news that they all have got a call and people who have not received the phone call will not be allowed, I felt good. after much interactions from the people around I came to know they were waiting there from 2-3 Am , people have come fromKolkata,, Chandigarh , Kerala and many other places. People got rejected at other places so they came here!! wow so much of desparation.And I must tell I saw all kind of tattoos there , ALL KINDS.dont want to explain .But there was a TOTTA who had a rose tattooed at the chest just below the neck . she was HOT. very HAWT!!!.
Then I went to the gate and I saw 4-5 Bouncers , I just thought are they born like this or they just have air filled in their bodies. Darn!!!!.So it was 8 amwhen I saw FTV on roads .I mean girls with all kind of fashionable clothes on them mean there were cloth less!!! All kind of mini's , macro minis , sexy pure back-less things , Tight denims , high heels, dark lipsticks , TOTTA's having cigarettes and flaunting their beauty, Believe me I was awe struck. There was on Bombshell who was just wearing one micro mini with a tight black sleeveless t shirt , INNI GORI INNI GORI , so much so that if she drinks milk it would have been visible or not I cannot tell you .She caught everybody’s eyes and me I fell down in the middle of the road.i just said to a new friend of mine -"TOTTE HE TOOTE <> , mera jeevan safal ho gaya bus. Any ways there were all kind of people there models, singers, artists , photographers , fashion designers and yeah I interacted with all of them ,I could not resist telling some girls that they were just awesome. They just smiled. IF you think I turned despo that day then yes I just could not handle so much TOTTE around.
So at 9 the gate opened and we made a queue,Ali and Sagar came ,they checked our forms and ID's and allowed us in and people without the call and forms were rejected like the way they handled the crowd it was good. Bumpy came in his accent , ayushman came in his coroola.Ayushman started interviewing people after 15 minutes and played with crowd. It was fun ,girls were crazy about him.i was waiting for my tag. We got in got our TRIBAL NUMBERS or TAGS.Ayushman meanwhile kept on interviewing people and kept on asking questions , so he said any questions I asked him , are your married I saw pics of yours on facebook.He replied " it’s a rumor dude" it’s was about my new serial. It was nice interacted with him.
As we got in there were a lot of games happening before they could start the GD's , There were a lot of goodies and roadies merchandise to be won . I participated in some and won some interesting MTV merchandise and goodies. When we entered there were about 100 TOTTAS sitting at a place I was like "I am not going away from here”. I mean so much TOTTAS at a single place wow.
So our GD started , Topics were
a.377 right/wrong (our topic)
b. Rakhi Sawant is CH**** or not
c.RT controversy with K.Jo.
our Gd started and we all said all the bad words we knew. There were 4 girls in my group and they were all TOTTAS and were all having boyfriends waiting for them (you know what I mean), I was looking at them only do darn hell with the GD.MOderator was a nice fellow allowed all of us to say what we wanted to .He said I don’t care if you are right of wrong I want to know that you can say what you feel. So the GD got over and we were told that the result will be announced at 5 o clock , So I just wished all the girls good luck and went outside, I got introduced with their Boyfriends well(Darn).So after I got out of the office I just wanted to fulfill my dream of going to SIDHIVINAYAK temple. I just shouted anybody for the temple and 2 guys came to me said that they will join me.
We went to the temple and believe me it was heave nous , it was just awesome,. After that I went to marine drive via Mumbai local and enjoyed a couple of hours alone , thinking about my future. it was good weather thankfully. but then at 2 pm I decided to go back to the venue to check the environment. after reaching there I came to know that one guy has used a knife to cut his hand and tummy so that he get some attention and be allowed to get in without even registration. he was from nagpur.i interacted with him as well he seemed a bit too excited with it ,Ayushman also came and interviewed him and told him that he has got enough attention that he wanted but he allow him to get in .I was standing behind ayushman so that if this interviewed is on air I am also on TV. How clever!!!
Ayushman's car number is HR 06 G 0003.And I stay at HR 05 .hmm , he is my neighbor I guess.Anyways he was quite cool about the things happening there. Bumpy also came and interacted with us ,It was a good experience’s mean it was just unforgettable.Loats of TOTTE , PATAKAS,PATOLAS,BOMbS and cloth less clothes , open buttons , tattoes,back less things, Frontless things, allowed things, not allowed things,mini's , micro minis, and guys as well. A lot of attention seekers were their playing bagpipers,flutes,singing songs , dancing on roads , sleeping on road, Models showing off their bodies. Designers flaunting themselves. People were there who were into TV . people from stunt mania , fear factor and much more.
Finally the results were announced and about 18 were selected for Pi out of 600-700 people’s was not selected but I was still very happy , looking at people who were rejected at Chandigarh and then at Kolkata and then here were going to blore
for another try. People flunked in studies for it, people missed their office, people fought with parents for it. Some of them were trying for years for it,i was just amazed at their enthusiasm and the passion. After the results I met ayushman and he told me that I can also try at Bangalore for another chance , but nah , need to go home for dial.
But all in all it was an unforgettable experience. This was an online system so was much more peace full this time. A lot of things for time pass inside were good. It was a jabardast experience I just loved it.i wanted to write a lot but I do not have words for it. Finally I came back Saturday night and slept the whole Sunday ,Yeah I did not saw Wake up Sid!!


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  5. what to do with the online form of roadies that has been uploaded on their site and after filling it where should i send it