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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The uncalled death

The Uncalled death
Inspector Shinde got a call at 6 am in the morning from the neighbors of Satinder , that he was not opening the door of his house and a foul smell was coming from the house. When he arrived with constable Rane, they went around the house and saw a sardar’s body lying on the floor; yes it was a dead body. The owner of the house Jayant was called for Investigation. It was not a robbery; there was no evidence of anything. But blood as Red as can be could be seen coming out of satinders leg, scratches and fresh scars were visible at his face. Inspector Shinde thought it to be a brawl between friends but that was not to be.
Satinder was a tough guy ,a typical Punjabi raw sardar , fresh out of farms of Punjab into this magical , ever so romantic place called Infosys Mysore. He had just cleared his Infosys Training at Mysore and was posted at pune. As today was his First Birthday at Pune, He went out with his friends to This wonderful pub called apache. They all got drunk at 1 am in the morning they were driving their bikes on Mumbai Pune express highway on their way back to wakad from where they would go to Pimple saudagar.They all Reached home where they all wished each other and went to sleep in their respective apartments and in the morning satinder’s Dead body was found.
As soon as Rohit ;satinders colleague heard the news he rushed to the scene and spilled the beans. According to Rohit, the incident occurred at 1 am last night on the highway, when a heated argument ensued after an accident. “Satinder was driving his pulsar and hit two men — Mangesh and Sanket— who were standing on the road. As satinder and all his friends were drunk a heated argument broke out between them, fight took an ugly turn when friends of satinder ;Rakesh and Sachin went on to have a fist fight with mangesh and Sanket ,The on lookers came by and it was a brawl then,Satinder and Rohit were badly hit by the mob and satinder was hit on his leg with a pointed thing and started bleeding .As soon as the mob saw the blood they all scattered and now only these four were left.Satinder was still bleeding even after they covered it and tightened it with their bandanas. They all were still in hangover as they were heavily drunk and started for their Home. They all Reached home where they all wished each other went to sleep in their respective apartments and in the morning satinder’s Dead body was found.Satinder was alone in his apartment last night as all his roommates went to Mumbai as it was a weekend. His Dead body was found lying on the sofa.
The post mortem Report Reviled that satinder was killed as a result of lot blood loss which all four of them failed to notice and were too drunk to think about that.

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