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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Imperfect Perfect Murder

Inspector Rahul got a call at 6 am in the morning from the neighbors of Deepika sharma, that she was not opening the door of her house and a foul smell was coming from the house. When he arrived with constable Shinde, they went around the house and saw a woman’s body lying on the floor; yes it was a dead body. The owner of the house Jayant was out for an onsite assignment at Mumbai. It was not a robbery, there was no evidence of foul play either .No substance of any kind was found in her toxicology report, and the Pathologist declared her death a case of natural cause from heart failure.
The next Sunday Inspector Rahul arrested Mr Jayant. Jayant was shocked; he was remembering his love story which was a popular one at Infosys Mysore. Jayant was a cool guy, a typical Punjabi guy fresh out of farms of Punjab into this magical, ever so romantic place called Infosys Mysore where he met Deepika sharma a charming doll from Delhi carrying her typical Delhi university attitude. He had fallen for Deepika the moment they met at induction at the multiplex. His friends tried to warn him that Deepika was a big flirt, but he did not care. After the training got over, they were married within months after meeting each other but he soon realized his mistake.
While both were working at same Infosys office, they used to go separately on their own vehicles, she treated him like a piece of garbage, both on the premises and at home, and especially liked to insult his mom and dad. The final assault came when he saw her and her colleague Rohan at E square the multiplex coming out after watching the movie Ishquiyan.Jayant had loved her so much but was unable to understand what to do now; he was irritated to the core as Deepika openly flirting with many of her colleagues. Jayant felt humiliated. On Deepak’s birthday she did not came home the whole night and did not even bothered to explain the reason , a germ of an idea was born in jayant’s mind. He wanted his wife dead one way or another.
He started studying about perfect murders and homicides from online blogs and websites, where he came to know about the poison chimera, it was such a poison that would make the victim undergo a heart attack with in thirty minutes and it won’t get detected, it was secretly bought online by jayant and was mixed into deepika’s dinner on 26th jan, when he left for the onsite assignment. It was supposed to end in a perfect murder; But Deepika had plans with Rohan and gave the dinner to her Maid Sushma .Sushma died after thirty minutes as it was a perfect murder.
Inspector Rahul Got all the records from internet usage of Mr Jayant and a little of third degree made jayant commit his mistake. Jayant got life imprisonment and gave divorce to Deepika the next month of his arrest. Deepika was not bothered and left to US with Rohan after the divorce formalities were over.