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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I felt the Tremors this time

I felt the Tremors this Time …
Yes I felt the tremors This time, Your know why because its my city , its the place where I have been manier times. Yes I felt the tremors this time, That too quite badly, I used to go to German bakery once in a while just to see the chicks and hap crowd.Koregaon One of the busiest place to be in .Its a happening place and they choose to blow it up and we are still giving them Ac facilities in jails, look at kasab he is living a happier life in the great Indian judicial system. When we have enough proof why don’t we hang him right now.
I would not blame the Maharashtra government for this blast because after David headly's interrogation revealed that he did visit Pane during his Indiavisit, the Chabad House at Koregaon park was heavily guarded, even up to last week I could see sand bags stocked at the chabad house premise while I was passing through Koregaon Park, even concrete road dividers were also being planted in Koregaon Park yesterday, as the main road of Koregaon Park is a small road and this area has many party spots for brats who keep speeding on their bikes and cars on this road, I would really like to know where are the brave hearts of Maharashtra from MNS and Shiv Sena. Are they still opposing the movie and wasting our police forces priceless time. I guess its only because of people like Thakrey that the police has to guard multiplexes instead of target areas.
Though My Name is Khan did not release in pune till Friday still almost all movie halls in pune were provided with heavy police security, just because of the useless threats which Shiv Sena had issued for stopping this film from getting released, Shiv Sena would have really felt proud of all this drama they set up, it's just because of these idiots the police force had to be diverted to protect the cinema halls and now Shiva Sena would put the blame on Ashok Chavan that he was busy protecting a film release, so what should a CM do, protect civilians from Political Goons or Terrorists , I pity for the CM, he is left with no choice but to protect multiplexes from MORAL POLICING of MNS and SS.If would have been in CHAVAN's place I would have jailed both RT and SS chief for wasting and vandalizing public property and disturbing peace.
You know what I never felt so scared , I never felt the tremors of a terrorist attack before , but this time it was different ,Mom called at exactly 19:45 Saturday thankfully I was at home , I told her that everything was fine ,Grandpa called me soon , yeah he can use mobile too, he is a technically trained farmer you know. I told him everything was fine.soom The cell phone was full of sms's , I still did not realized it was that bad, I switched on the TV and then saw the site,OMG it was German bakery , Its the same spot where we used to go on bikes just to check the chicks and eat some tasty bakery items,OSHO ashram was there, I was shaken to the core, Its the same place where I would have been some other day.9 dead 50 injured is the government figure, I don’t believe that.Fb and orkut was full of messages. But I was answering the phone calls , was smsing and was just thinking of the people who sell flowers just outside that shop. Its a shame , they struck pune and we were giving high class treatment to kasab and preventing SRK , just that SRK earn BILLIONS out of that movie , will he give anything out of his profit to the victims.SS and MNS brave hearts will do anything , even if they do the precious lives are nomore.Someone's son/husband/brother/sister/wife are dead.
Again for few days we would see the debate shows occupying news channel prime time slots, blame game on the central and state government, few fiery words from Sena and MNS, and then the issue would die down. It's really unfortunate that has happened in Pune and let's hope peace prevails in the city .But I will never forget this , and will not forget people who earn billions and more for their publicity stunts, for their political carriers and usage of police force in stupid things and will never care for the poor people who died. I will not forget those people.

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