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Friday, March 16, 2012

Influence of media on U-TH

Influence of media on U-TH

Prelude :"Poetry is what gets lost in translation."----> Robert Frost.

I still don’t know what this word means and where it came from but young girls are being attracted by media images of skinny models , Girls are becoming weight conscious ,Instead of going on a workout regime they prefer dieting which often results into malnutrition. I guess its only because of media that majority of the girls feel a pressure to have a perfect body when they see those skinny models.
Men are no less, Many males are becoming insecure about their physical appearance as advertising and other media images raise the standard and idealize well-built men.
Researchers are seeing an alarming increase in obsessive weight training and the use of anabolic steroids & dietary supplements that promise bigger muscles and more stamina for lifting. Even when that was not enough men have now started using fairness creams and they fail to understand that "kale paida hue to to kale hi rahoge"..but with increasing number of big starts shahrukh(I hate him) and john turning up to do fairness creams add , men have started using it and its in a way bad.

2)Sex and Sexuality.
Well I guess its the media which have started the TV shows and movies which make it seem normal for teenagers to discuss and be open about sex and sexuality. Young teens prefer entertainment media as the top source of information about sexuality and sexual health , and I have no problems when I see television commercials and find that majority of these commercials includes some type of sexual attractiveness as a base for the message. The major source of sex education is from TV.

S-e-x. It’s everywhere in the media. TV, as well as movies and other media, are some of their leading sources of information about sex and sexuality. But, do these images give people realistic, healthy, equality-minded views of sex? And is overloading people with portrayals of sex a responsible thing to do at all.

Well learning aggressive attitudes and behaviors mainly comes from the environment we are in but as now the media has become a major part of our life becoming desensitized to real world violence, developing a fear of being victimized by violence has taken a place in our minds, Many of the programs that children watch send the message that a conflict always involves a winner and a loser. This gives the message that violence is a successful method of resolving conflicts.

When men are shown in the background of a video, they are most often fully clothed. But, when women are in the background, approximately half the time, they are dressed in ways that expose .
The women seen most often in the media are fashion models, pop stars (singers) and actresses. (We don’t like the word "supermodel," ‘cause they really don’t do anything that super.)
Many women seen often in the media, especially models and increasingly actresses, are seriously underweight, and many diet and smoke to keep their natural weight off.

A girl or woman who diets and is underweight can be undernourished, sometimes even losing her menstrual period. Prolonged loss of periods can lead to fertility problems , while constant or extreme dieting also carries health risks and can actually lead to long-term weight gain.
SOURCE :-Body Wars, by Margo Maine, 2000

5)Hate and violence directed at women:

Words expressing hate and disrespect toward girls and women are used frequently in popular media, and especially on TV and radio. Use of words derogatory to girls and women can be heard on many TV and radio programs, especially those watched and listened to by kids, including WWE (wrestling) programs, Thank god now Indian Government has grown up have beeeeeeeeeeped those , how does it impact ,I don’t know , but its bad .

Regarding the internet, again it's a source of good and bad, faster information, faster connections, faster communication offset by any lunatic having an opportunity to use it to spread propaganda for their own ends. But internet has everything I hope you understand.

PS1 : Life is not bewitched always , its all about "Feeling good v/s Looking good."
PS2 : World is not weird always , its all about "Desires v/s Destiny."
PS3 : Dieting does not help , believe me , its all about working out @ Gym
PS4 : There is no difference between laloo Prasad yadav and Chetan Bhagat , its all about the talent to sell themselves while actually being FAKE.

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