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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Har Din Diwali Girl

1.She wants to go to gym.
2.She also wants to wear that short T shirt.
3.She also Wants to do stretching.
4.She also does not want the T shirt to lift up a little.

HDDG*= HAR DIN DIWALI GIRL - The one who have mashkara, lashkara , kajal on her and wears shining red, blue ,green clothes with high heals everyday.

PS: HDDG is copyrighted by Rahul_Miglani.Reproduction of this, either in part or in its entirety, without the explicit permission of the author is prohibited and will be dealt with strict actions.
PS: I love girls ,this work is just for positive humor coming out of our daily life.
PS: I respect girls and believe "I love women"."TheyĆ¢€™re the best thing ever created"."But,If they want to be like men and come down to our level,I cannot do anything about that."


  1. but what does an HDDG look like in the gym?

    ps- this was funny!

    pps-and please take out that word verification. it's annoying!

  2. @Raphael
    I knew a reply would come from you on this !!
    HDDG actually Looks like a cute and sweet doll in the gym who has been just out of narolac paint tub !!! She is the who uses the disposable cup from the drinking water thingy and then after drinking water she keeps the same cup back so that others may use that !!
    I hope you understand What I am trying to say !!!
    Thanks a Lot for liking !!!
    Word verification !!! :P