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Thursday, May 31, 2012

You Suck Miglani

Hello Guys,

There is always first of each kind , Now this is the first time there will be a creation on my blog which is actually not mine, But it’s actually on me. The video is by Rajan Bajaj a friend of mine , we met around 4 years ago in Infosys campus and became friend within no time , he is a lunatic and no nonsense guy. The song is actually dedicated to the time we spent at Pune , the late night parties , the songs , the videos , the booze parties and the mad things which we did after that.

The Song is called “You suck Miglani”  , Well ; actually there exists a non vegetarian version of the song which we actually cant publish , but this vegetarian version I guess Can go live, I am not one of those people who can put the value of friendship in words but I can only say that he is a great friend of mine.

The song Goes something like this :

Modified version of the song which was composed on the spot..

Lyrics - :P

U Suck Miglani - U suck miglani
U suck miglani - Jisne chodi na shaitani !!
U Suck ----

Blogs pe sabki thi mari, har bat pe website banani
Cricket ka shaukeen hai, har match me hai bet lagani 

U Suck ---

Paki ko paki banaya, madalo ka trend chalaya
Mysore ki wo ratee, jahan hum sote na jagte ..

U suck ----

Pahad pe tha jana, 2 peg laga ke
Darr bhi jis se baghe, doston ke lie sabse aage

U suck ---

Africa me jo kamaya, sab casino me udaya
72 ki thi kahani wo sunayega Rahul Miglani..

Pune to niptaya ab gurgoan ki hai baariiiii
Shakal pe na jana , yeh banda bada harami..

But U suck a big time ., u suck miglani........
 — with Rahul Miglani and Kedar Pingle.

Ps : You dont want to get into details of each and every code word that has been used here , But this song makes me nostalgic about my days spent at Mysore and Pune.


  1. You have arrived-a song made especially for you!!!

  2. Haha, nice song composition :)

  3. Replies
    1. This site is not 18+ its open for all ;)

  4. LOL. Awesome song!
    I wish someone made one for me!

  5. LOl..this is actually pretty cool :D

  6. ...don't forget your friends when you become a star:):D

  7. Wow Miglani! you do not suck at all. You seem awesome. Keep rocking!

  8. Haha! Initially I just read the title in the dashboard and I was like whoa,what is he coming up with!!!! :O :O :P
    Brilliant(and hilarious :D)work ! :)
    Lucky to have friends like these! ;)