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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oops I got Tanned !

Dear Diary , This is  Kyra , your Friend , and Today I am going to tell you about My summer vacation In my village , This is about my trip to a land where my grandparents live . This is a land where all my uncles and aunties belong to. My parents and some of my uncles moved to the metros for jobs, so me and my most of my cousins were born and brought up in an In cities and metros. As as we have grown up in cities we have no clue about our ancestral village . My village Ammupur happens to be about 32 km from a town called Karnal (125 km from Delhi) in Haryana (a state in northern India).So this summer vacation when sheen and Raj (my close friends) were cribbing for a picnic nearby I suggested them My village .I thought It would be fun but this journey meant a lot to me than just a weekend picnic.
My parents over the time tried persistently made extra efforts to make sure I visit my ancestral village each year,, they made a point that I celebrate at least some festivals (if not all), which my ancestors celebrated. But I was buy with my friends all the time roaming around and enjoying the generation next gadgets . But despite all their efforts (and also mine), today I feel like a stranger when I visit my village. I feel it's like a trip to some unknown place, where I need to watch out for strangers, where I still don't quite understand a lot of things they do (or not do). For example I never understood, how could they put cow dung on walls , and could they possibly even live near the mountains (if I may call it ) of animal dung. But Thank god we had a car with Ac so that we just had closed doors and were moving ahead to our village on the single lane road that leads to my ancestral home .I can never understand how can people survive without electricity and proper water facilities.
Well I often thought that my village was backward due to lack of all these facilities and the standard of living , But when I think that This is where my father grew. My father would have touched feet of many of strangers who are sitting at the roadside , It gave me some warmth when we are about to reach the village. Finally after a long there hour journey we reached my village and greeted my grandparents who were quite happy to see my face after long. Just then, looking at the sky my grandfather said, "lets hurry up its going to rain". Rain? It's hot. Within minutes we could see the rain coming to us. It was simply surprising how he could smell the rain .
Next day we planned to go to our farms and see what it had to offer us and probably gain some knowledge. My village is very beautiful with greenery all around, farms, wells, huge houses surrounded with gardens (with all kinds of fruits and flowers). There are cows and buffaloes are at the back yard of every house. There are nice houses build for these animals. There are goats and chickens running around everywhere. Every breath is of fresh and sweet air, fresh water from the well is so sweet and tasty. Cooking is done on mud stoves with woodblocks in the mud vessel. The food cooked so is very tasty and out of the world. Modern gas cylinders are available but people still prefer the mud stoves with firewood. Even now people live in huge houses as joint families. Morning starts before 5 in the morning in the village. First tea pot lands on the mud stoves, then women go to milk the cows; eggs are brought in from the chickens. Everybody is up early.
We reached our farms saw the awesome greenery everywhere , we played in the water storage which was built like a small pool near the tube well meant for irrigation. We went on top of the tress to see awesome greenery everywhere , we had the privilege to get mangoes straight from trees and actually got to know that potato actually grows inside the sand. We Had our lunch in the farm only which my grandmother had packed. I must tell you that everyone in village are so helpful and know each other very well whereas I just realized that don’t even know who was staying in the next flat in our apartment in delhi.It was day where I learnt a lot of things and my friends too. we enjoyed every moment of being in my village. Our village had a lot to offer us.
Well I returned home I realized it was a hot day 'Remember how badly I was sunburned when I spent that week in Goa on the beach , But that heat wasn't going to have any effect me as I was armored with Lakme’s new Sun-expert that will save me from the summer tan , But I realized that I was tanned otherwise , I was tanned of the misconceptions I had about My Village , I always used to think that my village was backward and was not worthy of staying at but today I realized how wrong I was. My Village had a lot to offer us.I have realized that The integrity of Indian villages forms the backbone of Indian culture and the agrarian economy contributes its share for GDP. Peaceful life, unstressful nature, cheering fellows, good relations are other features of Indian villages. Villages are strengthening their economic ability through setting up industries like cottage, farms, and fisheries by availing the training and self employment schemes offered by the government. Our parents are mostly from rural areas that are conferred as Non-Resident Villagers (NRV's). Students from villagers are still attaining higher positions in government, private sectors and also establishing themselves as entrepreneurs with high aspirations succeeding in all aspects of life
I think the Indian villages are the strength of India. Mahatma gandhi also said that "india lives in villages". Our culture on which we are proud is also sustained in our villages.
PS : written as a part of the “Lakme Diva Blogger Contest” on Indiblogger. To read more about Kyra’s escapades in the sun and shine, go here. Also you can love them on Facebook here.