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Monday, May 21, 2012

Banana Republic

Hello Welcome to Banana Cartoon Republic once again.

Look we have a serious threat at Wagha border and the Rupee value have gone to a all time low but our respected parliament is busy discussing cartoons and having pictures and the MPs are absent during the questions hour. Look we can make elephant statues worth crores rupees but we cannot make them survive in reality , we can screw yourself and our spectrums and when we get caught we will lay heavy fine on you ok !! Here we can spend carores of rupees again on our sculptures and advertisements of our own political party and may demand for a “mera mohallaistan “ and ruin public property and may be destroy it but we don’t care if some Indian gets kidnapped in any country. We get our rich people anticipatory bales even before or police department can even think of that we were even involved in any cases. We are also known as Incredible India as we have incredible people with incredible amount of money and talent. You don’t believe any scientist but we will force you to believe that yes some of us have special powers and after we ask you keep some specially colored wallets you can also have incredible money come on .We believe in supernatural powers in ourselves.

We really don’t want you to say anything against us on the internet and we might beat you and lock up if you make cartoons against your chief minister , we are very good at that !!! Please invest in our country , we will ask you from huge bribes , Then suddenly government will change , we will ask you for more bribes and then or honorable supreme court will wake up[Thankfully ] , and it will fine you and if you are a small investor you will have to pack your bags , Oh stop , you will be fined as well because you did what we said is the norm  and what’s more we are not even sorry , and if you are still thinking of bad mouthing us , come on don't do so !!! Oh you never came back to invest , we Don t care , we have a huge market and there are many if not more than just many we have many interested billionaires who want to invest in our country who will eventually invest with your , in us , out of us , come on we are giving you our hugely limited asset for nuts , pea nuts ok may be on an OK cost .Are you the game , Let’s play ...

I can ask any Bloggers , writer , artists to take down there articles anytime if any of the articles don’t suit our taste , and if not We will beat the hell out of them Well Wiki says A banana republic is a politically unstable country that economically depends upon the exports of a limited resource (fruits, minerals), and usually features a classed society . I am not sure But I guess some sanity is missing in our country !!! I am incredible India and I know my Ministers can get away with scams because my countrymen care more about a celebrity being detained for allegedly manhandling security guards  detained than a social activist  being murdered.


  1. Satire now, Rahul? Good job!

    1. Well yes , and Thanks for your words !!!

  2. Hi Rahul

    That kind of speaks out the frustration inside so many in our country...and great style....Nice !

  3. The frustration is pretty evident!!

    Loved it :)

  4. fine post-it must have been quite depressing to tote up all these features of our B.Republic,good job rahul.

  5. venting anger??.. Good post.