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Friday, April 20, 2012

My Interview

Well , Jahnvi a fellow blogger took My Interview on her blog.
Here I am posting here as well.:)

1. Full Name : *optional – Rahul Miglani
2. Blog Name : *optional – Desire v/s Destiny 
3. Your one post that is your best till date (as per you) : *optional – One Night Stand ;Really ! and
Confession : I Hit and Ran ! These are the 2
4.What motivates you most in life – My dad
5. What is that that pulls you down – Traffic ;) , welcome to delhi
6. What is your one most precious dream – I wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad !!! Well I wanna own a house first !
7. Who is the one most important person to you – My wife !
8. Is your life today how you had imagined it just 5 years ago – well 90% .
9. Are you the same as the you 10 years ago – No Freaking ways !
10. What is your present profession – Software enginner
11. Which other profession would you liked to be in – I would have been a cricketer !!!
12. What part of nature fascinates you the most – The wilderness !
13. Do you believe in fate – As I say its desire v/s destiny , Life is a just like a video game !!! 2 fighters on either side !! One player is desire and the other is Destiny
14. If you had to change one thing about your past, what would it be – Nothing , My past made me learn and made me what I am
15. If you could see into the future, what would you like to get to know – What is bank balance ;) , Well frankly Nothing !!! otherwise My motivation to achieve things will dim down
16. Is there anyone who you believe deserves more or less attention than you are giving him/her – yes , My wife , she thinks I give her less attention and I agree ! :) 
17. Which is that one moment in life that can never be outdone in terms of how happy it made you – yeah , My first Job !
18. The most precious gift you ever received – precious , B’day gift from wife !! :) 
19. The cutest sight you have seen (first hand, not on the internet) – sight as in sight hmm !!! was on my honeymoon ! no comments !!
20. The one place you would like to settle at, in life – apni dilli !!!

Thanks Jahnvi for taking pain to interview all of us.


  1. Woah wait :O
    I never knew you were married :O :O.

    Anyway loved the interview :D.
    Guess Jahnvi has asked everything we all needed to know :D :D.

  2. Hey, that is nice. Loved the lines --- "Life is a just like a video game !!! 2 fighters on either side !! One player is desire and the other is Destiny". Can be a good FB status ;)