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Friday, April 27, 2012

My daddy Strongest.

Hello Everybody ,Well This is my 100th Post on BlogSpot , so I wanted to dedicate this to someone special , very special .Now about the title. My Daddy Strongest’ it reminds us of the Dhara advertisement which used to be aired on TV some time back. My dad Loves me too much but he never shows that love as he has to be strong and tough and wants me to be strong and tough as well, I must tell you I was not pampered as a child But was given everything that was necessary for a good upbringing.

I have written many posts on mother and mothers love But I guess this is the right platform and opportunity to write about The Dearest Dad .I have had my share of differences with my dad but those are so small to be taken into account , I can never forget some of the small things which are so big in my life. For Dad his loved ones happiness meant more to him than his own. Being from a middle class family and from a village which  was far away from the nearby city studying hard to get a job in a bank was a commendable feat for him. More so because no one in the big joint family made it so far. He always put others happiness before his, thus gaining so much love and respect .Ours was always a conservative family where education was important to both the genders. He encouraged both his children to pursue the studies . While I was in two minds to join my dream company as it involved a lot of travel, he made me realize to always hold on to my dreams and pursue it.

I can never forget that I use to drink water from his cupped hands when We used to go places for picnics and the taps were too high for my height. He has been a guide to me in every sphere for my life .He has been just a call away when ever where ever I needed him. He has spent sleepless nights for me whenever I was not well. He was there, when I first learned to ride my bicycle, years back, he was there holding and seeing that I don’t fall down. He has given me the necessary freedom in every aspect of life , be it my carrier , be it my decisions !He always got what I wanted, He got me my PC/ my Bike and many such things. He was there and talked with me , in spite of my miss behaving with him many times. As children we don't understand the hardships our parents go through to make us safe and happy, Dad was and has been transferred to many cities he has  struggled alone without his family but did not uproot his children from their familiar surroundings. Whenever I am around him, I seem to be engulfed in a warm and serene cocoon.  For me, my dad is the epitome of all the goodness in this world and everyday is Father's Day. I Love you dad

Well I guess if I keep writing These things This post will never end , But let me tell you there are things in my life which are just possible only because I have such a wonderful dad.I thank you god for giving me such wonderful parents.


  1. Awesome post DvD, makes us realize the importance of our Fathers.

  2. A different post from the bunch I read in ur blog, really a nice one, MOM & DAD are boon from god..

  3. Quite heart-felt post...yes if we start writing about our parents we can never be short of words...

  4. This is such a beautiful post! My Dad loves to tease me, frustrate me and heap truckloads of love on me. Dads rock! ;)