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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is Irony , What is Pain

What is Irony, what is pain, what are these feelings; I fail to understand....

Is it painful when you lie to your girlfriend to go for booze with your friend?
Is it the irony when the same friend ditches you for his girlfriend?
Is it painful when you ditch your friend for your girlfriend?
Is it the irony when you catch her with someone in the same multiplex?
Is it painful when you move on without helping the one who has met with an accident?
Is it the irony when people help you when you meet with the same?
Is it painful when you don’t care for your parents when they are there?
Is it the irony that you miss them when are gone?
Is it painful when you get hurt and your parents care for you whole night?
Is it the irony that we can’t even bear them snoring when they grow old?
Is it painful when your girlfriend does not call you cutie pie?
Is it the irony when you call your parents old "things"?
Is it painful when you leave your parents alone?
Is it the irony when your children leave you alone?
Is it painful when you keep sitting in a bus where elder people are standing?
Is it the irony when you deal with the same when you are old?
Is it painful to get rejected?
Is it the irony to reject?
Is it pain, is the irony, when GOD gives you something you deserve and not what you desire...........

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  1. Is it? Please share with us Rahul when you find out! BTW...well written!

  2. @amitaag
    Thanks a lot !!
    I will surely let all know when I find it out !

  3. extremely well-written
    some lines made me stop and ponder

    1. @Sujatha Sathya
      tHANKS A lot ,
      That encourages me a lot dear !

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  5. You know, there is a saying. .What goes around, comes around.. And at some point, all the pain that we pass, is back in our life, as pain, however to the outside eye, it will be simply irony..

  6. well thought of and written, makes us think :)

    1. yeah ! Thanks a Lot !!! Glad to have a new visitor !

  7. Exceedingly well conceived and well written Rahul

  8. बहुत सुंदर अभिव्यक्ति है

  9. its awesome,i liked the thread going between pain and irony,its so nice conversation inside yourself

    1. Thanks Radwa pony for your wonderful words