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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ah I wish - Version 3

Ah I wish
I would have never come so far
To understand that’s its love
So that it would have been less painful

Ah I wish
I would have never let you go
And be together always
And living for each other

Ah I wish
I would have never committed
those silly mistakes
And never let my ego come in

Ah I wish
I would have apologized
As soon as I realized the mistakes
Until it was too late

Ah I wish
I could go back in time
And correct my mistakes
when we were together

Ah I wish …

Ps1: The Rains will continue for a while and so on will the Ah I wish series.
Ps2: Just a Poem is just a poem is just a poem  .


  1. ah i wish i had found ur blog much earlier!

  2. dunno wt to say
    although its just a poem like u say but carries deep within an endless story of a heart that wishing it wasnt too late
    thats really deep