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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Current Jobs In IT industry

Current IT openings

My Dear Friends I have come up with this great idea , Its been one month of the launch we already are 1500 members strong.Do Join !! Thanks !!Do join Current IT openings

"I.T Jobs and Referrals"-->As we work in IT companies and we have Referrals Programs in our companies which we can share here and we can refer.Independent openings are also welcomed. Spamming is banned. One Post Per day per person should be the easy way. Non I.T jobs are also welcomed to stay Open to all.Please don’t spam and be open. This is not to Violate any company rules and regulations and do not intend to do any copyright infringements. This group is just a way for spreading the news and is a medium only.PLEASE MENTION ALL DETAILS like EMAIL,EXP,TECH, etc.--Rahul Miglani (Admin)
Queries , Suggestions , Feedback -->
Please Maintain authenticity and take responsibility !!!!

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