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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Unfurled life Review

Hello , As a request on the Get your Blog Review Page I am going to review harshal's blog who writes a lively blog called life unfurled. Well I went through blog and did a lot of a reading in the past couple of months. The content is different, your language is ok and you have the necessary fluency in imparting the ideas. Following are the few points I would like to underline.

1.Content :Let me start with the only escape what a beautifully written post.You have described the feelings with the minutest details as the first comment said from ritwik.I have read the other two articles you have submitted , I can only say that you also dont have a habit of proof reading your posts like me , But I guess you have to start doing that to improve.The only escape has shown the talent you have in your writings so I guess its time you take it more seriously and post some masterpiece soon.

2.Uniqueness: The site is ok to start with with few tabs and few widgets.I would suggest make it more unique so that the readers are attracted to it.But as it goes if the content is string even the paper book look will do.So i guess the uniqueness from your blog can only come from the content , So I will say work on your strengths and show us all what you can write.I would rate it as six out of ten.

3.ActivityYou have been quite active in replying to the comments and posting new posts on the site as well as linking on the social networking plugins as well.This makes the reader to look forward to your new replies and posts.Way to go dear its a great sign.

4.Appearance:The appearance is simple, you have kept the basic blogger interface which is ok.You might want to Add a personalized logo and a personalized background picture but that's up to you only.I would rate the appearance as five out of ten.

5.Navigation:Not more than three tabs at the top and a simple blogger interface is what you are carrying so I guess , Its ok to have it when you are only concentrating on the content,Keep writing dude you have a long way to go.
Rest is all great! You have done quite an ok job with the posts , I would only say that keep writing ,There is only one room which have space and that's the room for improvement 


  1. :D Rahul, thank you sooo much for the review. I have been waiting for like years to get my Blog properly reviewed. As pointed out by you, from my next post I shall surely proof-read my posts before uploading them online. In a week or so, my logo would be coming up.

    Once again, thank you so much. :) I am really glad and will surely work on the points you have pointed out.

  2. WOW!

    Loved the way you bifurcate your analysis so beautifully Rahul, appreciate your efforts a lot!