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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Nest

Sunday mornings are always blissful...instead of running around like crazy she can enjoy her cup of steaming coffee at her terrace before she starts her day...Everything looked fresh and green, dipped in the rain showers from last night. A gush of cold wind blew her hair...and her eyes moved up to the branches of huge ken the kadamba tree that stood at the corner just in time to see a set of sparrows trying to rebuild their nest...The one with bright dark lines, the male stood arranging as the female in the faded colour flew in with some tweaks in her beak...then the male flew out....And how aptly it suits to the household of all the species, both male and female have their respective roles to play...but one has always to be the stronger to pull it off all the way.

Hers was an arranged marriage. Chandrashekhar was every inch his namesake, the most handsome epic god ever in indian myth, Lord shiva. She felt lucky. He was soft spoken, and gentle. While their marriage took place he had been working in some MNC and was earning good. He allowed her to work if she wants and gave her all the freedom to run the household. But it was no sooner than the few months that the facade came to an end. He left his job, “I am not meant for things like this, I can’t do it” he will always say for a reason but never told anyone what he is meant for. She didn't lose her heart, like a good companion she always inspired him, trying to reason him. And he would understand. He would join some job, but after few months he would find a reason to quit again. Their resource began to dwindle...she had no idea what to do. He was getting more agitated and annoyed. He would fight over nothing. She don’t even remember when was the last time she heard him talking softly like the man she married. She was losing all her hopes. She talked to her mother about it. All she would say is to hold on but never told her how. She was slipping into depression. Her work was suffering. She tried to overload herself with work in hopes of earning a little extra and to avoid any conversation with her husband...but her article writing didn't pay her much. She wanted to walk out of her marriage but all her social obligations made her equally unsure. It was one of the sundays when she found solution to all her problems. They had an argument, or to be correct he yelled at her over nothing and stormed out of house. She was upset and didn't want to cry. So she decided to clean up the store that had been locked for ages. She found cartons full of handwritten papers...and handwriting over it told her it was her husband’s. she went through some and found it were some poetry and stories written by him. She also found a manuscript of a novel she guessed he had been working on. She took them all with her and started reading. It was then that she found what her husband is best suited for. They were breathtakingly engaging. She had been unable to stop herself and it was then that the thunder struck. She knew few publishers from her work. She decided she is going to have to find a last attempt...and this time she was sure it will work. She took his work to the publishers...and in no time she had several of them interested in his work. One evening she talked to him about this...briefed her from her finding his writings and getting in touch with publishers. He was obviously surprised.

“You don’t mind me being a writer?”

“Of course not, in fact I am proud that you write so well...not many can. and i am so sure you are going to be a big name one day, my celebrity husband” she sincerely said with a smile.

He hugged her without inhibitions for the first time since their marriage,” I am going to love you for this. you are the best wife ever.” Said he with a childlike enthusiasm, that made all her doubts vanish into thin air if she had any.And now she is a wife to a renowned writer. He was sincere in both the things- his work and his love for her. He would always mention her in all his writings and speeches giving her all the credits to whatever he is today. Her marriage was now a happy marriage in true sense.

They are planning to have kids now.She felt him standing at her back and he put his arms around her nuzzling her neck like a lover he had become to her. She flushed, put her empty mug on railing and turned to hug him just in turn to see the two sparrows necking after they rebuild their nest. She felt happy that she had too been able to save her nest.

PS : This is a guest post on DVD ,as I have recently made the new page about DVD accepting the Guest Posts.This post is written by Tanaya Nath who blogs here.About her I can only say that she is an artist ,I have recently started reading her work and It has been just awesome.


  1. She is so blessed, I would say! :)

    1. blessed who?? the character or me :P
      thanks kinara...lovely name you have

  2. Lovely story, DvD! My compliments to Tanaya and you!

    And, thanks for having brought WriteupCafe to my notice. It is thanks to you that I participated in their contest and won!!