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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Someone is Special Blog Review

Hello , As a request on the Get your Blog Review Page I am going to review Saravana Kumar Murugan's blog who writes under a pen name Someone is Special and blog is called few miles . Well I went through blog and did a lot of a reading in the past month. The content is good, your language is nice and you have the necessary fluency in imparting the ideas. Following are the few points I would like to underline.
  • 1.Content :The content is thoughtful as well as thought provoking as we can see from the suicide post.But the font color kept changing which was not much appreciated.Awesome poetry , I could connect to them,The romantic theme goes well with the content and the music.The choice of words is also great which makes the stories more meaningful.Wishes is my personal favorite.If your content is great half the battle is won but in this case the content is the thing which makes readers like me come back again and again to your blog.I liked the wishes.I liked the the mystery as well , If I had to say I would say the content is full of content here.
  • 2.Uniqueness: The website is quite unique in itself ,The Home page will be liked my most of the audience , people who prefer a simple home page at least might differ but over all its likable.The uniqueness might not be found in the labels but it will rather found out in the content which is awesome to say the least.few miles is not a regular blog its a special blog , people look upto the content and come back again to read that's the USP.
  • 3.ActivityYou have been quite active in replying to the comments and posting new posts on the site as well as linking on the social networking plugins as well.This makes the reader to look forward to your new replies and posts.Way to go dear its a great sign.
  • 4.Appearance:The appearance of the site is awesome to say the least.The website has great color contrast ratio which goes very well with almost ninety percent readers.We all love widgets , you have all of them , the page views and flags shows your popularity.there is nothing to say on that.but some how the empty space at home page in the later half of the page is quite may want to adjust that.(Space between Page 1 of 35 to I PEN FOR).I would have preferred pictures from you than the pictures we can find on Google and facebook on your website.well you cant get 3 lacs page hits if you are not special , so I guess that sums it up.Well as I can see as a normal reader we don't actually find it great if the font color keeps on changing , a constant color for a single post is just about it.You might want to look into this.
  • 5.Navigation:The navigation is quite smooth and if people want to know about you m they can do it easily.Bot the Tabs and the pages at the top most position serves their purpose with ease.The reader can smoothly go to all the pages and can get a glimpse of what special ability you have got in all forms of writings.

Rest is all great! You have done a good job with the poems , which are my personal favorites.That's all from me.Keep writing dude many bloggers look up to you.


  1. wow nice dissection.. me likes :)

  2. Hi Rahul,

    It is my pleasure to read your review. Thanks for your time and thanks for highlighting the issues and completing the plus points. Regarding the font colour, I do that to differ the narration and it depends up on the character; I will surely try to make it unique. The space between the page navigation and last widget, I shall work on that, thanks again.

    I'm happy to the core and I will share the share on my blog too, Thanks once again!

    Someone is Special

  3. great review!!

  4. Great Review!!! You put a lot of thought into this post and I'm sure Seravana appreciates the gentle criticism you provided her with! May she take that into consideration for her blog! Well done Rahul!

  5. Rahul, I seriously appreciate the efforts you take in bringing together all of us bloggers and also show us different blogs the exist around.

    Hats off to your man!

  6. Nice going, your cred keeps getting better and you are gentle in your guidance. Good service and positive, constructive advice in a well-written status report.

  7. A lovely review done by you :)
    I must say you are doing a great job too!

  8. nice review and you have done a good job on posting this wonderful review

  9. very nice story regarding the some one is special thanks Rahul for sharing this wonderful article.