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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ah I Wish

Note : This Post has been written for Romantic Friday Writers .The Topic was Three Things I Could have done better .You can Read other entries by clicking the linky at the end of this post.

Ah I Wish - The Journey

Ah I wish I could go back 
to the first day,
When you entered my life
and made it worth living

I wish I could go back 
To the First hour
The moment when we first met 
At the church..

I wish I could go back
When I was so blind 
To see and to foresee,
To know that you were the one

I wish I could go back
To the Moment
When I held your hand
And declared you were mine

I wish I could go back
To see the passion 
In your eyes
You had on our first date

I wish I could go back
And kiss you
With those moist lips
our first kiss
The way we had it 
when we knew it was love

I wish I could go back
When we cuddled and played
With each others hair
The whole day In the park

I wish I could go back
When you wiped the tear 
From my cheeks
When I was sad

I wish I could go back 
To the time
When you cried For me
When I was not Well.

I wish I could go back
To the time
When we fought
over that silly misunderstanding

I wish I could go back
And know what you were thinking
And read your mind
And sorted the issues
And you still would have been mine.

I wish I could 
Make you understand
That I was not at fault
But was a bit Too over Possessive

I wish I could 
Tell you how I feel
With dreadfull Stillness
Inside my heart Without you

I wish I could
Let you know 
I am sorry
For being the stupid
I am 

I wish I could
Show you
How much I love you.
If I could

I wish I could
Do all these things for you
Correct My Mistakes
In time

I wish I could
be with you 
so that these thoughts
do not come and haunt me

I wish I could have
stopped you 
from separation

I wish I could
Just keep on writing
And when I stop
You could again be
Rahul Miglani


  1. Well Rahul, you got me with that Facebook comment thingy. I don't know where they went. Onto fb probably, but it caught me!
    Really enjoyed your poem. Lovely emotion, yet sad.


  2. Hey Denise , Thanks for visiting and encouraging.Thanks a lot.The Facebook comments are visible to me !!!! Anyways they went to Facebook yes.
    Thanks Again !

  3. A lovely poem, evocative, full of regret but hopeful of the new journey to be undertaken and learning from previous mistakes that have been made.

    1. Thanks a lot for your visit and comment !!! :)

  4. Beautiful and touching... :) :)
    Best wishes to you.

  5. A nice poem of regrets, but you only hint at mistakes. For this entry, I was expecting something more pointed. Nevertheless, nice job.

  6. Ah DvD! That was a very evocative poem!

  7. Hi Rahul,

    Beautiful prose, heartfelt regret and knowing the mistakes too late. Ah, hindsight can hurt!

    1. Yeah you are right
      thanks for visiting

  8. Loved it Rahul ... Regret is the most difficult, painful emotion – especially in love. Your brought out the pain very well with your words ...

  9. Your poem evokes many thoughts,we all have regrets probably;but hindsight is easy& foresight gets muddled with the intrusion of ego & emotions.

  10. Simple yet heart felt, loved your regrets :)

  11. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot for your visit and thanks for ur words

  12. This is place where I can get the nice pictures.

    Jogos de pesca.

  13. Dear Rahul,

    Your lovely poem really expresses the wistfulness of the theme. And in your protagonist's list of regrets, we learn about what happened in this love story.


    Thank you for your kind words about my post. In the comment box I answer questions that may be of interest to you. Welcome back.

    Best wishes,
    Three things I could have done better

  14. Thought I'd commented a couple of days ago, Rahul, as yours was the first entry this week. Seems blogger has swallowed up my comment. A nostalgic glimpse into the past with a wistful tone steeped in sadness. Let's hope he can start to enjoy life in the present - what life has to offer - sometime soon.

    1. Thanks a lot for coming on my blog and for your words

  15. Nice write on those things we wished we could have done better ~

  16. This is a very honest, from the heart in your face kind of confession.
    Dont we all wish we could go back in time and rectify our dreadful mistakes.
    Very straightforward and simple poem.