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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I had always been fascinated by the beauty of flames. the way they would dance in the fire pit, like little people at an elegant ball. they sway from left to right. they rise, then fall. they crackle at times, and at others give an ominous silence. i love the flames.
it's rather odd, my obsession. when i say i love the flames. i mean it. i LOVE the flames. it is odd because the flames have taken so much from me and i give them everything i have. they take and take. i hurt inside, but i keep giving. it gives me happiness and pain.
the first time i met him. i was young. i was a child. he was there. he was.. waiting for me. the fire, it came up all around me. i look to my closet covered in red and yellow sorrow. i look my door, blocked by the beautiful flames. i was so innocent. i look up. i close my eyes and begin to pray. i had never had much faith in him, the one you call “God”. i had no other choice though. the last thing i remember from that day, was seeing him.
he was wearing a red suit and orange pants. he was also on fire. i passed out after only a few seconds. when i awoke, i was surprised to be alive. i knew god had saved me. as i became more awake i noticed a voice behind me. “they only take what must go.” it says. i quickly stand up and turn around to face the voice. i see him. it is the man from the fire. it is God. “you.. you saved me?” i question him. “ i did indeed child.” he responds with a smirk that showed a sense of deviancy. “thank you, God.” i say to him slowly, hoping not to displease him.
he smiles at me, showing his perfect, shiny, white teeth. “no need to be afraid alyssa” he whispers to me, effectively giving me the chills. i almost asked him how he knew my name, but that is a stupid question, for he is God. it is then that a better question popped into my mind. “God, where are we?” the deviant smirk returns to his face. he completely blows off my question. “God? I have never been referred to as God. call me, piras.” his smile gets wider. “ hello piras, um, where are we exactly?” he still denied me and answer. he simply kept smiling at me. “its time for you to wake up alyssa” he says. he begins to chuckle. i get very tired and my eyelids become like heavy stones. i can no longer keep them open. i pass out.
that wasn't the last time i saw Piras. in fact, after that day i began to see him more and more with each passing day. In the orphanage i would see him rather often. he would wait for me in the mornings. as the sun rises he sits outside my bedroom window. he gives me that same smile every morning. he never speaks to me though. i see him in the corner of my eye sometimes. i can never get to close to him, he always just disappears if i try to approach him.
after some time, i began to give on ever trying to get close to him. i made a new friend. his name was jason. he was a shy boy of about thirteen years old. just like me, he had always been bullied at school, but not for the same reason. we had opposite interest. we were opposites. perhaps that is why we bonded so closely, because opposites attract. it was this very bond that put me back in piras’ heart. i believe he became jealous of Jason.
piras began to let me get closer. it was the only for him to get my attention. “love is evil thing.” he once said to me. “it drives people to do things that otherwise would be irrational.” he once told me. “true love does not exist.” he whispers. i get really close to him and say “thats not true.. i love you piras.” he gives me that familiar smirk. “join me then. take my hand.” i nod and grip his hand. my eyes begin to get heavy again, i pass out once more.


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