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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Images that i carry Part 2

Images that I carry - Part 2
Girl 1 : hi Flirt !
Mig : How do you know I am a flirt , you are talking to me for the first time.?
Girl 1: My room mate told me , and her friend told her whose friend told her !
Mig : o.k , do you think I m a flirt !
Girls : They call you , so I call you flirt !
Girl 2: hi Flirt !
Mig : How do you know I am a flirt , you are talking to me for the first time.?
Girl2 : your blog made me think you must be a flirt ! and your PS: I love girls !
Mig : If I write horror stories then I would be devil by evening right!
Girl : You are Rude
Mig : Can a Rude Man be a flirt
Girl 2 : But you are! because they say !
Mig : define They
Girl 2: you remember you flirted with XYZ
Mig : It was her who did
Girl : but they say you are a flirt , so you are a flirt!

Girl 3: hi flirt
Mig : Why do you talk to me , when I am a flirt
Girl 3 : because you are straight forward and frank and a sweet friend!
Mig : Who told you I m a flirt ?
Girl 3: My friend from CHD told me
Mig : So I am flirt
Girl 3: I don’t think so
Mig : Then..
Girl 3: But they say; so you are !
Mig : define they !
Girl 3: I will get back to you on that!

Girl 4: Hi flirt !
Mig : How do you know , I am a flirt !
Girl 4 : Come on everybody know that !
Mig : Did I Flirt with you .
Girl 4: No
Mig : Then ,why did u called me flirt
Girl 4: you did not flirt with me , that does not mean you aint a flirt
Mig :

Girl 5: hi flirt
Mig : Hi
Girl 5: How are you
Mig : Everybody thinks I am a flirt
Girl 5: yes ,you flirted with me !
Mig : but , I aint flirting with any beauty that comes my way
Girl 5: you work on Unix right , define a file
Mig : A file is a file is a file
Girl 5: A flirt is a flirt is a flirt
Girl 6 : Hi flirt
Mig : Come on , you are my friend !
Girl 6: you flirted with me when I was in 8th grade
Mig : Then
Girl 6: Once a flirt , always a flirt
Girl 7: hi flirt
Mig : I am in very bad mood , yaar everybody thinks I am a flirt
Girl 7: you are a flirt
Mig : I am not defending my self
Girl 7: you cant
Mig : why
Girl 7: because we are girls and we are always right
Mig : Even girls are flirt
Girl 7: hw dare you
Mig : I have experienced
Girl 7: such a loser !
Mig : reality it is , I know girls who flirted with me
Girl 7: Who will believe you,
Mig : at least the guys
Girl 7: try!
Girl 8: hi Migs
Mig :But I flirted with you and everybody thinks I m a flirt
Girl 8: Why do you think about them
Mig : I am a normal human being
Girl 8: you are a sweet friend, that’s why I m telling you to ignore everything
Mig : I cant , its not easy , girl who don’t even know me thinks I m a flirt ,
Girl 8: No they don’t , they just pretend , girls are girls
Mig : M I a flirt
Girl 8: A flirt is not a flirt is a flirt !

PS1: Images That I carry, this is just a post, and I don’t think much!! This series will continue!
PS2: Not all girls are same, Not all boys, People do change with time!
PS3: I love girls!!!!

Dont worry part 1 will be posted soon ;)

“Badnaam hi sahi
Chalo Naam to hua”


  1. didnt read the whole thing.. but mast hai.. liked the first 2 and pune one... :)

  2. So are yu a Flirt? or are yu not?

  3. @smile
    Come On , do i look like one !!
    If i would have been , would I be telling you all this !!
    I aint that stupid !!

  4. so in the end.. are you a flirt or not? ;)
    lol.. interesting read there!

  5. @rapheal
    I may-be was !!! Frankly but you know these girls !! Girly girls and :)
    Thanks for stopping bye !